The Details:

Most asym boards on the market (Burton Talent Scout, Bataleon ETA, YES Greats), are twins, as anything directional would have to be made in seperate regular and goofy versions. That’s not stopped the guys at Gnu though, who’ve made the Zoid in both flavours – and for men and women alike.

It’s important to get the right one, as the hell and toe edge sidecuts are wildly different on the Gnu Zoid. On the heel side the radius is deeper and shorter than the toe side, compensating for the natural difference in the forces you apply to each.

While your choice of stance will be limited – as will your options on the hill – turning will feel better than ever. Don’t be intimidated by the shape; it may be specialist, but it’s just as pick-up-and-go as any traditional stick.

As with all Gnus it has a hybrid profile with rocker in the middle and camber at each end, so even though it carves well there’s still a forgiving, loose feel to it. Plus it floats in powder without any issues. That shape may be weird, but when you’re in the deep stuff it’ll feel great.

When you’re getting your elbow down on groomed piste, expect to see a leave a lot of jealous faces in your wake as you whizz by.

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Lauren MacCallum -

“Zoiding is the future! This board was designed with maximum fun in mind and will not disappoint.

It’s loaded with lots of Gnu weird science (Magne-Traction, camber/rocker profile) that makes it really fun and easy to carve. They only come in one size though, and you have to make sure you order the right one for your stance!

This is the perfect board for someone who wants something a bit different, as it definitely gets you looks in the queue lines!"

“Zoiding is the future!"