• Gnu Finsanity Stats:
  • PRICE: £480
  • FLEX: 8
  • SIZES: 157 only
  • PROFILE: Combo
  • SHAPE: Directional

When you consider what a hit the Gnu Original Swallowtail Carver was last year, we shouldn't be surprised to see Mike Olsen and co. going back to the well yet again. For 2016/17 they’ve gone even more retro, and even weirder - meet the Gnu Finsanity 1984.

The first thing you’ll notice is those aluminium fins bolted to the squared-off swallowtail. We’ll eat our hats if this 80s experiment ever makes a proper comeback, but it’s great to see the idea being revisited in this one-off curio. Use them in the powder for a unique riding experience, then whip them off in more standard conditions.

Of course, it’s not exactly like Mike’s original design - the Gnu Finsanity 1984 has been tricked out with wavy Magne-traction edges and a combo profile that blends rocker between the feet with camber under the bindings. Both of these updates will help you grip the hardpack for carving days, while the rocker will deliver that extra float when the pow arrives.

And if you like the pow, it’s definitely worth giving this a look. With artwork by Mike Olsen himself, you’ll feel like you’re channelling him and his fellow pow pioneers with every slash.

Tester's Verdict

Sam Oetiker - onboardmag.com

“Strapping into the The Gnu Finsanity was like being timewarped back to the ‘80s! With such a unique directional shape under my feet and the retro day-glo graphics accompanying it, I really felt like I was riding a legit old-school board with this one.

"Strapping into the The Gnu Finsanity was like being timewarped back to the ‘80s!"

The addition of fins on the tail created a unique ride in powder but they slowed the board down quite a lot on the piste - they're probably best left at home unless it's a powder day! The Finsanity had quite a narrow shape overall, which made it nice and quick edge to edge and definitely aided in the retro-feel illusion - it's a perfect board for getting low on and carving euro-style.

I'd recommend this board to riders who are after something a little different - the Finsanity is definitely a head-turner!"