• Burton Trick Pony Stats:
  • PRICE: £405
  • FLEX: 6
  • SIZES: 150, 154, 158, 158W, 162, 162W
  • PROFILE: Hybrid Camber
  • SHAPE: True Twin

Here’s yet another Burton snowboard that’s been given a makeover in the profile department for 2016/17 - the Burton Trick Pony has spent the last couple of years as a flat-based deck, but the latest incarnation features the brand’s ‘PurePop’ camber profile.

It was well-liked as a flat board though, so why the change? Well, we’re not exactly sure, but it does make sense to give this backcountry freestyle stick a blend of camber between the feet and flatter sections towards the nose and tail. It delivers more pop and edge hold than before, but isn’t as unforgiving as classic camber.

There might be a minor trade-off in float, but for the most part the flat sections of the base will compensate. Furthermore, the slightly pointier ends of yesteryear have been replaced with cutaway sections that will help you sink the back foot in powder. And while it really shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, you might also appreciate how easy it is to stand up outside the pub…

Even more added pop comes via the new carbon rod that runs along the centre of the board. In short, they’ve upped the already-substantial backcountry credentials that the Burton Trick Pony already enjoyed. Go see how she handles.

Tester's Verdict

Andrew Duthie - whitelines.com

“The new-look Trick Pony is mostly an improvement on last year’s version –but not entirely.

"It’s fast, nimble, feels great in the air and absolutely kills it in choppy terrain."

Everything works well together; the PurePop camber profile, combined with the carbon, allow you to ride this much more aggressively than before – and given that it’s one for taking lofty park tricks to the powder, that makes a lot of sense.

It’s fast, nimble, feels great in the air and absolutely kills it in choppy terrain. It’s very stable on landings too, allowing you to quickly and easily set up for the next hit.

The trade-off, naturally, is that it’s now less fun for mini-shred. You can do it, but it’ll always feel like it’s meant for greater things.

If your focus is on bigger, burlier riding then you’ll definitely be won over by the changes."