The Details:

A new model for 2015/16, the Burton Tough Cat shows its hand right from the off with that name. Clearly, this one isn’t for pussyfooting around the blue runs; only fans of aggressive riding – both on and off piste – need apply.

Monicker aside, there’s a lot that identifies this as one for high speeds and hard carves. It only comes in the larger sizes, is as stiff as the Custom X, and has a setback camber profile that improves float in the powder while still gripping the hard stuff like a limpet.

Although the stance reference points have been set back too, your feet sit right in the middle of the sidecut which gives you the feel of a twin-shaped board when riding at lower speeds.

Of course, the nose is bigger than the tail, so with that and the nature of the camber profile you’ll want to spend most of your time in your preferred stance – and at top speed wherever possible. With its sintered base and a core that’s reinforced at the edges, it’ll really excel when you’re hammering it down.

This Cat’s not right for the park, but will sail off natural hits and down pillow lines with aplomb. If you’re not afraid to open the throttle, this will deliver the goods.


“Wow – the Tough Cat is a machine, and I mean that in a good way.

It’s the kind of board that will take control if you let it, but even with my light build and riding the 162 if you tell it who’s boss is it will listen. It almost reads your mind, sending you from edge to edge in an instant and with and exhilarating snap.

I didn’t have any fresh snow to test it in so instead hurtled down the piste, getting as low as I could with every carve.

I loved every minute on this thing, and if you’re an aggressive snowboarder looking to charge down the piste and fly through fresh snow with the upmost power and control, then you will too."

"It almost reads your mind, sending you from edge to edge in an instant"