UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Burton Process Off-Axis here

  • Burton Process Off Axis Stats:
  • PRICE: £325
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES:152, 155, 157, 159, 162
  • PROFILE: Hybrid Camber
  • SHAPE: Asymmetric Twin

With the Burton Process Off-Axis, Jake & co took all the freestyle performance of the original and gave it an asymmetric twist. It’s now back for its third successive year, proving that the asym thing isn’t a passing fad.

Two minutes on the Process Off-Axis is enough to feel the changes. The flex pattern and edge bite are both slightly different to a regular true twin; even though this board is slightly softer overall compared to the non-asym Process, the edge hold is definitely better here.

The profile is a little different too, with rocker sections at each end that open up a new world of presses. There’s still plenty of pop on hand from the camber bend in between, so get this airborne whenever possible.

It’s not a pow board per se, but those rocker sections will help you stay afloat when things get deep, especially when combined with the blunted shape of the nose and tail. Having said that, this is really asking to be let loose on firmer snow, where you can set that edge on the way in to a booter and explode off the lip.

As is always the case, the Burton Process Off-Axis has a jazzier graphic than the regular version, and this year’s is a cracker.

Tester's Verdict

Ed Blomfield - whitelines.com

“This thing turns on rails. The heel edge in particular benefits from the asymmetrical design – crank out a frontside turn and it will hold… hold… hold…. and then BANG! – finally spit you out without ceremony.

“This thing turns on rails. The heel edge in particular benefits from the asymmetrical design"

It offers good pop and a stable platform for tricks though it isn’t as comfortable switch as a true twin (these things are always a trade-off, and you have to ask yourself whether you want maximum performance forwards or backwards).

Stubby but solid, the Process Off Axis would suit a powerful rider who favours speed and airtime over ballerina rail maneuvers."