The Details:

The product of legendary snowboarder Shannon Dunn’s efforts to make the finest women’s deck around, The Burton Feelgood first appeared way back in 2000. Fifteen years later and it’s still a best-seller, available in two different profiles. There’s the camber version – favoured by arguably the most dominant competitor of the millennium so far, Kelly Clark – and this ‘Flying V’ model.

There’s a slight directional shape to it so it’s not a true twin, but the difference is subtle enough hat you’ll still be able to launch switch tricks with ease. One advantage of that is it’ll be comfortable at high speeds – especially when you factor in the stiffness, mega-quick base and the camber sections under the feet that grip the piste firmly.

The Feelgood has been tricked out with a lot of Burton’s high-end tech, including a few carbon power-ups. The Squeezebox core (thinner at certain points to improve flex and reduce weight) has carbon fleece on the outside of the bindings, plus there’s a full layer of the stuff woven into the fiberglass construction.

Even with that it isn’t the lightest board in Burton’s range, but it’s sturdy enough to handle abuse – plus the sections nearest the edges are reinforced with polycarbonate and polyurethane to minimise blow-outs.

A toughie, then, but by no means a brute.


"I’d always stayed away from this before because I thought it would be a serious, super-stiff board that was only good for one thing, but it’s actually really nice.

The rocker between the feet gives it a looser feel, and so I had to work a bit harder to maintain grip whenever I rad into little bumps on the piste. However, it makes it suitable for taking off small stuff on the side of the piste, and it’s really easy to press.

It’s not one for beginners, but anyone looking for a playful all-rounder should check this out."

"It’s not one for beginners, but anyone looking for a playful all-rounder should check this out"