• Price: £470 / €580
  • Lengths: 154, 157, 157W, 160, 160W, 163W
  • Flex: 7
  • Profile: Setback Camber
  • Shape: Directional

Bad news for Easy Livin fans - Danny Davis’ signature stick isn’t in Burton’s latest line-up. They won’t be sad for long, however, as it’s been replaced with two new models, both of which Danny has overseen.

"As a premium, pro-model board, plenty of care and attention has gone into the Deep Thinker’s construction."

The Burton Deep Thinker is the more pow-focused of the two (for freestyle, see the Free Thinker. See what they did there?), built to charge steep faces and launch off natural features. Both the outline and the flex are directional, and the camber profile is set back towatds the back foot. Factor in the subtle taper as well, and this board has set out its stall pretty clearly.

As a premium, pro-model board, plenty of care and attention has gone into the Deep Thinker’s construction. The high-quality sintered base is also tough as old boots, and a full layer of carbon sits among the fibreglass to deliver extra power. Simply put, you’d be a fool to hold back with this when the conditions are right.

It’s not so directional that you can’t chuck a spin or two - after all, Danny does a lot more in the backcountry than just point it down chutes - and the Frostbite edges offer excellent grip firmer patches, making the Burton Deep Thinker an all-mountain beast of a board.


Tester's Verdict

Andrew Duthie - whitelines.com

"This was the board I had when testing the new Step On bindings - and when wanting to find out how they handled at speed, this was the perfect platform.

Opening the throttle on the Deep Thinker is so much fun. The stiffness, the taper, the Frostbite edges, the carbony goodness… For a day of blasting groomers, you couldn’t ask for more.

"Opening the throttle on the Deep Thinker is so much fun"

Taking it to rails wasn't the best experience, but it was great off the jumps. On one particularly sketchy landing it simply refused to wash out, digging in just enough to get me out of jail and ride away with dignity intact.

Plus if you’ve been jonesing for a Gonz ghost on your board since Michi Albin’s famous pro model, the wait is over."