• Burton Custom X Flying V Stats:
  • PRICE: £530
  • FLEX: 8
  • SIZES:152, 156, 158, 159W, 160, 162W
  • PROFILE: Combo
  • SHAPE: Directional Twin

You might be wondering why Burton have applied their signature combo profile to the Custom X, a board that’s traditionally been all about high-speeds and hard carves. However, the same was said when they put it on the regular Custom, and that one’s proven popular enough to be worth giving its big brother the same treatment.

The Burton Custom V Flying V has all the high-end bells and whistles of the camber version. There’s carbon stringers that make it stiff as hell (in a good way) without weighing it down, in addition to the full layer of carbon that provides extra edge-to-edge response. It’s also got a high-quality sintered base and a pre-broken-in feel that makes it lively right from the wrapper.

Despite the new profile, this one is clearly still built for charging. Even with the rocker section at the waist, you won’t get much out of a buttering session on this one. However, its float in deeper snow is undoubtedly better, and that’s not something to be sniffed at.

The end result is an uber-lightweight combo board that will probably do its best work on big, steep pow faces at Mach 10, but will more than hold its own on the piste too. If that sounds like your thing, check out the new Burton Custom X Flying V.

Tester's Verdict

Mike Brindley - whitelines.com

“Another new Custom? Yes you might be thinking that it’s overkill, but I took this out right after the Custom Flying V – and it does exactly what a souped-up version should do…

"For its profile, this board charges exceptionally, and feels speedy from the second you step off the lift"

For its profile, this board charges exceptionally, and feels speedy from the second you step off the lift. Venture into deep crud and it cuts through with ease, while feeling mobile enough to switch stance without any hassle.

If you’ve always associated the Custom X with an unachievable level of riding, this is undoubtedly an easier entry into the higher ranks of Burton’s line. If, however, you want that softer, slightly more forgiving all-rounder, it’s best to stick with the standard Flying V."