The Details:

The Custom has long been a favourite for freestyle, ridden by the likes of Mikkel Bang and Roope Tonteri, but its subtle directionalproperties mean that it’s not a pureblood trick weapon. Anyone who’s that way inclined need not look far, though; here's the Burton Custom Twin, an asymmetric twin version of their flagship deck.

While it boasts a twin shape and twin flex, it has an asymmetrical element too. Like many Burtons the core is thinner at certain points to reduce weight and improve flex, but on the Custom Twin the sections are angled to line up with the stance of a duck-footed park rider.

The edges, too, vary slightly – not in the shape of the depth of sidecut as with other asym boards, but in where on each side the ‘Frostbite’ edge protrudes out to grip the slope. It’ll still ride like a twin, then, but the subtle differences to the edges add up to better response without any distractions.

It’ll handle the rest of the hill , thanks to the camber profile and sintered base, but if you’re more likely to spend your days in the park then the Burton Custom Twin is the version you want.


“This is an absolutely amazing board – it’s really responsive and puts you right where you need to be.

It’s got truly brilliant edge control, even when you’re charging at high speeds. There’s just enough flex between the feet to allow you to twist the board at will, but it’s still stiff enough to handle bigger stuff.

It’s definitely one for confident, advanced park riders who like to ride the whole mountain as well."

"It’s definitely one for confident, advanced park riders who like to ride the whole mountain as well"