UPDATE: See our review for the 2016/2017 Burton Clash here

  • Burton Clash Stats:
  • PRICE: £290
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES: 139, 145, 151, 155, 157W, 158, 160, 160W, 164W
  • PROFILE: Flat
  • SHAPE: Directional Twin

The Burton Clash is the B’s long-serving entry level board, designed to help you master the basics in the shortest possible time. For over a decade it’s helped beginners negotiate the learning curve, and it’s back again to initiate new recruits for 2015/16.

It boasts a slightly directional shape with twin flex – not unlike Burton’s high-end favourite, the Custom. Naturally it’s a lot more forgiving than that one, though; the core is fairly soft between the feet, with a little extra stiffness on either side of the inserts to help with stability.

The rocker profile from last year’s model has been flattened out, although you still get an upward bend at the contact points. This means it’s easier than ever to engage the Clash in a turn, but you’re still unlikely to be caught out with a nasty edge catch.

Once you’ve got comfortable cruising, there’s no need to trade this for something more advanced. Flat profiles are very versatile, and with its mellow edge pre-tune you can take this straight to rails and boxes.

The extruded base means that it’ll take a beating, giving you more time to work on your technique and less time spent waxing and repairing. What more could you want for that price?

Tester's Verdict

Ed Blomfield - whitelines.com

“Obviously the Clash doesn’t have all the fancy tech of high-priced boards, but that’s not a problem. The flat profile with rockered ends is great for those who are just starting out, and there’s a little bit of taper in the shape of the tail.

That makes this really easy to carve – in fact, it blew me away in that respect, performing better than some of the higher-end boards that I tried.

You won’t want to take it off massive jumps or into the pipe, but if you like charging the piste and messing around, plus getting into deeper show when you can, this is amazing."

"If you like charging the piste and messing around, plus getting into deeper show when you can, this is amazing"