UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Bataleon Magic Carpet here

  • Bataloen Magic Carpet Stats:
  • PRICE: £460
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES: 151, 154, 156, 159
  • PROFILE: Camber
  • SHAPE: True Twin

The Bataleon Magic Carpet made its debut last winter, and immediately shot to the higher echelons of whitelines.com’s most-viewed list. It seems everyone and their nan wanted a look at this freestyle-friendly pow stick - and with good reason.

The ‘Pow 3BT’ profile features a huge amount of uplift on the side bases, meaning that the base works a little like the hull of a boat. This won’t make a massive difference on the piste, allowing that low-rising camber profile and sidecut to do their thing, but when you hit the powder it’ll over-deliver in the float department. As it parts the snow like Moses did with the Red Sea, keeping your nose up will be the least of your concerns.

Chuck in a super-fast sintered base, tough yet lightweight triax fibreglass and some carbon stringers at each end for added pop, and you’ve got the ultimate pillow-line-taming weapon.

This year they’ve added a 159cm version to the line-up, so bigger riders can get involved too. Be sure to always downsize a little though, as the extra width and float-friendly base more than make up for it.

Tester's Verdict

Sam Oetiker - onboardmag.com


“The Bataleon Magic Carpet was one of the most unique and fun boards that I had the pleasure of testing this year. The 3BT in the nose and tail is super pronounced and distinctive (think hull of a boat!) and it floated in powder like an absolute dream considering I was riding it pretty short.

It was also super fun to ride on piste thanks to its twin-tip shape and softish flex, which made buttering around feel effortless. For a relatively soft board, it dealt with speed well and still felt stable and responsive when charging.

I'd recommend this one to riders who are looking for a versatile and playful powder board that they want to have a lot of fun on."

"One of the most unique and fun boards that I had the pleasure of testing this year."