UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017-2018 Bataleon Evil Twin here


  • Bataleon Evil Twin Stats:
  • PRICE: £395
  • FLEX: 5
  • SIZES: 150, 152, 154, 156W, 157, 159W
  • PROFILE: Camber
  • SHAPE: True Twin

Even if you’ve only heard of a handful of snowboards, chances are the Bataleon Evil Twin is one of them. Over a decade since it appeared, it’s still snapped up by countless riders every year with a level of enthusiasm that rivals that of any new release.

It wouldn’t be a Bataleon without Triple Base Technology, and the Evil Twin features the ‘Twin 3BT’ version. The middle section of the base is wider than that of their powder boards, so you get more stability on firmer snow. Then there’s the two side sections, which have a gentle uplift towards the edges.

In practical terms, 3BT means that you’re unlikely to catch an edge or hand up on a rail - even with the classic camber profile - but only a little effort is required when you want to really crank the turns or set an edge for blast-off in the park. The 3BT aids floatation in powder too, while the sintered base ensures it’ll go like the clappers in all conditions.

With its beech-and-hardwood core, durable sidewalls and basalt stringers under the bindings, it’s as tough as it is enjoyable. Funseekers should definitely be considering the Bataleon Evil Twin for their all-round needs – and it’s also worth checking out the Bataleon ETA, its asymmetrical sibling.

“This felt strong and solid underfoot, and didn’t disappoint when charging down the piste. It’s quick from edge-to-edge, with a solid edge hold through the turn thanks to the triax glass and basalt stringers. The camber gave plenty of pop off the side hits and the 3BT makes it forgiving if you don’t quite get the landing right.

You need a bit of effort to get a nice press but the medium flex seems about right for this board. It holds up well at speed and can take a heavy landing from bigger jumps.

The Evil Twin is suitable for all level of riders looking to progress their freestyle riding across the whole mountain."

"The 3BT makes it forgiving if you don’t quite get the landing right"