• Amplid Stereo Stats:
  • PRICE: £330
  • FLEX: 5
  • SIZES: 151, 155, 155W, 158, 158W
  • PROFILE: Combo
  • SHAPE: True Twin

Founded by shred legend Peter Bauer in 2005, Amplid became the first company to manufacture both snowboard and skis right from the off. It’s one big happy family on the mountain, with bucketloads of expertise on hand to pour into both lines.

The Amplid Stereo has what is essentially a rocker profile with camber sections under the feet - they call their version ‘Hybrid V’. You’ll find that sort of blend in a lot of all-rounders, and the Stereo is no different; those camber sections will grip the firmer snow, while the mellow rocker in the centre of the board reduces the chances of catching an edge.

The trade-off in pop is compensated using carbon stringers that run from the nose to the tail, but the waist remains fairly soft so that you can easily manipulate the board with each foot and get maximum smoothness in the turns.

While a true twin shape doesn’t usually lend itself to backcountry charging, the chubbier nose and tail will deliver that extra pow float when the getting’s good. You won’t notice the difference during park laps though, making this a true go-everywhere freestyle machine.

Those with bigger feet should keep an eye out for the 155W size, new for this season.

Tester's Verdict

Adam Hoskins - blisssnowboards.co.uk

“I’ve been bigging up the Amplid Stereo for a while now, and once again I found it hard to hand it back after testing. It just feels right as soon as you strap in.

The Stereo is incredibly light, turns effortlessly on a sixpence, and has the right level of flex to go from jibbing to charging without sacrifice for all but the heaviest/most aggressive of riders. This year it also has a really attractive price.

Amplid might not be the first brand that springs to mind when snowboard shopping – but do a bit of research into the people behind the design and manufacture of their boards, and you’ll find that it’s criminal not to seriously consider one as your next ride."

"The Stereo is incredibly light, turns effortlessly on a sixpence, and has the right level of flex to go from jibbing to charging"