The Details:

Avalanche transceivers (or ‘bleepers’ as they tend to get called) can sometimes seem like a heavy investment, but look at it this way: it only has to work once to pay for itself a thousand times over. In fact, as some powder fields are only accessible to folk with bleepers (and no self-respecting snowboarder will ever take you deep into the backcountry without one), it’s a purchase that may be your ticket to some unforgettable experiences.

Pieps have been selling their transceivers since 2003, and the Pieps DSP Pro Transceiver is an updated version of their flagship model, the DSP. Upgrades include an extended battery life (400 hours’ worth in the ‘send’ mode), and increased search strip width. Plus the interface is amazingly simple to use, so a quick practice before heading out is all you need. It also comes with a comfortable neoprene pouch that makes for easy access without trading off any security. The DSP Pro is now equipped with ‘Auto-Revert Search-To-Send’, which automatically puts your bleeper back on the transmit mode should you get caught in a secondary avalanche during a search. For extra safety in such circumstances they recommend combining the transceiver with the Pieps Backup, a mini-transmitter that is attached elsewhere on your person.



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