The Details:

A good probe is on the ‘must have’ list for any backcountry rider. It’s the simplest (and usually cheapest) bit of the holy trinity (transciever, probe, shovel), but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Having a probe dramatically reduces the search time in the event of an avalanche, for the sake of a few quid and a little extra pack space. Ortovox is another leader in backcountry safety, and this is the lightest probe in its considerable range. It takes mere seconds to get it to its full length, thanks to the patented PFA system; just shake it out and pull on the handle, and the drawstring instantly snaps the components together. With handy length markings down the side, it’s easy to determine how deep you need to dig. Plus it really is very light, a factor that’s always worth considering when you pick your safety gear.





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