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Whitelines Snowboarding’s Online Editor Sam Oetiker reviews the 2012-13 Nidecker Score snowboard on a snowy day at the TSA Snowboard Test in Hintertux.

NIDECKER SCORE – TECH SPEC PRICE: £255 PROFILE: Combi (CamRock) WIDTHS: Wide lengths available SHAPE: Twin FLEX: 4/10 AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 154, 156, 159 W

NIDECKER SCORE – SNOWBOARD BUYERS’ GUIDE REVIEW The Score is aimed at beginner/intermediate riders who want to have a crack at everything going. There's enough snap in that 'PowerWood' core for you to crank out a decent ollie, but you don't need to be an expert to flex it. The twin shape helps you riding switch, and the 'CamRock' profile (the same that's featured on Yes boards) is forgiving enough for most riders to enjoy it.

NIDECKER SCORE –WHAT THE BRAND SAYS The Score smashes that myth that you need to lay out dollars to great performance. Utilising the latest thinking in design and technology, it is the perfect board for any freestyle rider looking to keep rock alive. The Score takes freestyle riding by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good shake.

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