Whitelines' Editor reviews the 2013-14 K2 World Wide Weapon at the UK Boardtest in Kaunertal.

K2 World Wide Weapon - TECH SPECS



SIZES: 142/147/151/154/157 - 148W/152W/155W/158W


SHAPE: True Twin

K2 World Wide Weapon - WHITELINES REVIEW (ISSUE 109)

The World Wide Weapon is more than a decade old and still going strong - a seriously impressive record for a single model in a fast-changing market. Of course it's updated and improved every season, so today's Weapon (in terms of tech at least is a different beast to those early models.

Nevertheless, it's still designed for the same thing - to destroy parks and rails. The soft flex and rocker shape help make this one of the easiest boards out their to ride. Although the flip side of the forgiving rocker shape is that it can wash out a bit when you're carving. However, there's still enough snap in that core to pop a decent ollie, which is why K2's Nick Dirks uses this as his err... weapon of choice.

Buy this board at: snowtrax.co.uk, snowlab.co.uk

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