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If we were handing out an award for ‘Most Blingy Bit Of Kit For 2015/16’, this would take some beating. Nike Fade goggles are worn by one Sage Kotsenburg, winner of the first Olympic slopestyle gold medal, and this is his signature colorway.

He’s obviously enjoyed having that colour in his life, and has incorporated it into the design of his goggle strap. On the reverse side of the swoosh you’ll find a silicon section that provides extra grip against your beanie or helmet.

Pressure is evenly dispersed across the lightweight polyurethane frame, making for a comfortable fit every time - plus, it means the only air getting in is that which has been directed through the vents to prevent fogging.

The design of this one is unlikely to suit everyone’s tastes, but the Fade certainly isn’t all about appearances. Besides, if this style isn’t for you there are no fewer than nine alternatives from which you can choose.

Darren copy

“If you want gold goggles, buy these!

Made under license by Marchon - the same people who bring us Dragon - the Nike Fade goggle comes with two lenses; one for sunny conditions and one for cloudier skies.

They have plenty of venting and when I tested them in warm & wet conditions, they remained fog-free all day.

And they are gold. GOLD!"

"when I tested these in warm & wet conditions, they remained fog-free all day"