Frameless models are all well and good, but if you want something that stands out, often only a framed goggle will do. The swooping curves of the Electric Charger XL snowboard goggle give it a look all of its own, and are an ideal option for those looking to save more cash for lift tickets.

As the name implies, this version of the Electric Charger is a little bigger, but you can opt for the standard version if you don’t need the extra size. Both have the same features, including a scratch-resistant a cyclindrical lens.

"The frame is made of lightweight TPU that won’t firm up in the cold, giving you a perfect fit in all conditions"

That frame is made of lightweight TPU that won’t firm up in the cold, giving you a perfect fit in all conditions. Prominent venting across the top keeps lens fog at bay, and will compress rather than crack should you end up coming a cropper.

For a cylindrical lens the Electric Charger still delivers great peripheral vision, especially if you go for this XL version, and the face foam is as comfy as you could ask for.

Then there’s the cost; for what you get, the Electric Charger XL goggle represents fantastic value for money. Bonus points for the double meaning of the name, too.


Tester's Verdict

Mike Brindley -

“Electric’s Charger XL goggles have a huge field of vision for a cylindrical option, and sit really nicely on your face with no pressure points, making them comfy for a full-on session.

I took them out with a set of darker lenses but had no problem finding definition in the shadows, and as one of the cheaper options on the market I was hard pushed to fault the frames at all.

Simple and styley."