You might not think that you need a pair of gender-specific goggles, but there’s no downside to it. The Anon WM1 has all the tech that’s made the brand one of the world’s finest, yet has been tweaked thanks to input from the likes of Annie Boulanger and Anna Gasser.

The lens is held in place with 14 magnets, and if you end up in a tumble nasty enough to make it pop out, the state of your lens will be the least of your concerns. Even so, it’s incredibly easy to change your tint when the clouds come in - you could almost do it one-handed. This tech costs a little more, but as quick-change systems go it’s hard to top.

The WM1 combines a spherical lens with a thinner face foam, giving you terrific peripheral vision. The fleece against your face has been specially treated to reduce fogging caused by the build-up of moisture, and the snap-back system on the strap means it’ll fit under any helmet without discomfort.

For a women’s goggle it’s got a fairly big frame, but it also comes in a smaller ‘Asian fit’ version - and with twelve colour combinations, there’s bound to be an Anon WM1 for you.


Tester's Verdict

Hannah Bailey

“Anon goggles are my favourite shape and really comfortable. I don’t like to get too carried away with goggle tech, so these are perfect.

"Great for cold conditions and lazy people"

I just want to be able to see the way, and having such an easily interchangeable lens means I’m ready for anything with these. It was so easy to switch it up that I didn’t even have to take my gloves off. Great for cold conditions and lazy people."