If you love the frameless look but your budget can’t stretch to the M2, the Anon Mig is the pair for you. Of course, when you drop down this far in price you miss out on the ultra-quick Magna-tech lens changing, but the more traditional system on the Anon Mig is still pretty rapid. Also, it does have the MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration), which uses magnets on the bottom of the frame to create a seamless fit with the mask/neckwarmer.

The lens is towards the bigger end of the scale, but still fits nicely with a helmet, and there’s space underneath for a pair of prescription glasses too. If you prefer to wear your goggles underneath your helmet, a ‘snap back’ system on the strap does away with any bulky adjusters to give you the most comfortable fit possible. Just make sure that you check before you buy, as that isn’t featured on all ten styles in which the Mig is available.

With the same ultralight frame, triple-layer face foam and non-slip strap that you also see on higher-end models, the Anon Mig really is a great deal - especially as it comes with a goggle bag/lens wipe, as well as a spare lens.


“Anon pack in pretty much more tech than anyone else, creating a great value-for-money goggle. The frameless spherical lens provides a great field of vision, with clarity and depth – although personally I prefer a slightly larger frame than the one this has.

"The frameless spherical lens provides a great field of vision"

Although I found it a bit fiddly to clip the lens onto the frame compared to other systems, I absolutely loved the MFI face mask. It works so well to keep every part of your face covered, and I didn’t suffer any fogging while it was attached.

The Mig is a super comfy goggle that offers great vision at an affordable price, with colourways and lenses to suit all conditions and tastes."