Given the entire RK1 crew - Stale Sandbech, Aleksander Østreng, Len Jorgensen and filmer Olav Stubberud - are backed by Rome, it was safe to assume that a collab would rear its head sooner or later. This year the Mod, Gang Plank and Agent have all been given a crew-themed overhaul, and they’ve also knocked heads to design this premium mitt.

"The RK1 is one seriously comfy mitt that ticks all the boxes for performance."


New for 2016/17, the Rome RK1 snowboard mitt is built to handle everything Norway’s finest can throw at it. It’s made from genuine leather that’s been given extra waterproofing treatment for better performance and durability in the mountains. Underneath is a fabric called ‘Hipora’, which has a multi-layer structure that keeps moisture at bay without compromising on warmth.

Speaking of which, expect to stay toasty thanks to the unique combination of Primaloft and Thinsulate fabrics. It’s targeted towards the back of your hand, which doesn’t require any dexterity, giving your palm and fingers have a little more freedom of movement. Finished off with a Sherpa fleece lining and that classic RK1 logo, this is one seriously comfy mitt that ticks all the boxes for performance.

We’d recommend this more for chilly park-and-pow riding in the height of winter than spring sessions at Rykkin, but if you’re in the market for something strong and sturdy that will keep you warm all day, the Rome RK1 mitt should definitely be on your radar.


Trade Secrets

Alexander Østren - Team Rider, Rome

I have pretty much worn the Rome RK1 mitten every day this past year. Sick colour, nice simple design, the fit and feel is awesome and I think they look pretty badass.