Whitelines' Online Editor reviews the 2013 - 14 Endeavor Color at the UK Boardtest in Kaunertal.




SIZES: 144/148/152/155/157/159


SHAPE: True Twin


Endeavor Snowboards have been going for more than a decade now and the Color has been a staple of their range for most of that time. A soft, jibby board, it’s long been a favourite with the kind of Whistler park rat who loves this Canadian brand.

For proof of this board’s quality in this area you need look no further than Whitelines’ jib-loving online editor Sam Oetiker. Having done two seasons in Whistler himself, he’s been riding one of these for the last five years and loving it. So what is it that makes the Color so good?

Well, there’s the flex for starters – the poplar core and bi-axial fibreglass weave give this a soft, buttery feel, making it perfect for pressing on rails or jibbing down the piste. This flex is combined with a reverse camber profile that lifts the contact points making it tricky to catch an edge and giving the board a forgiving feel. That’s not to say it’s a complete noodle. Endeavor have thrown some carbon strips into the mix to add a bit more pop, and there’s enough ollie power in this to have fun with. The comment that cropped up most regularly amongst our testers was “playful".

Essentially though this is still a very soft board. That, combined with the extruded base, means it’s never going to be the best for hooning it down icy steeps at a million miles an hour. But if you’re looking for a park and rails board that you can push your freestyle skills on, the Color should definitely make your shortlist.

Buy this board at: absolute-snow.co.uk, freezeproshop.com, cabfive.co.uk, snowlab.co.uk, snowfit.co.uk

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