Whitelines' Advertising Manager reviews the 2013 - 14 DC PBJ at the UK Boardtest in Kaunertal.




SIZES: 149/152/154/157 156W - 159W


SHAPE: True Twin


While it’s hardly surprising that a skate brand should make a quality jib board, the enduring popularity of DC’s PBJ (Park Board for Jibbing) is still impressive. To a large extent, its continuing success is due to the fact that it’s not over-complicated. DC realised that you don’t need some hyper-tech-enhanced space-age super- stick to ride rails or jib around the park. In fact, it’s much better to have something that’s really simple and cheap to manufacture, so jib kids can actually afford it.

DC have also always made the PBJ admirably tough, so it can take the kind of punishing that rail riders dole out on the regs. It’s got a wood-reinforced ‘astro core’ that gives it a soft, buttery flex – perfect for pressing. Around this they’ve wrapped a standard bi-axial fibreglass weave, and they’ve finished the whole lot off with a cheap, durable extruded base. In previous years DC have flirted with a variety of different profile shapes for the PBJ, but this season they’ve decided to go back to tried and tested camber. This means it’s got a decent amount of snap for a soft board, and you can still pop a proper ollie.

The four contact points also help you grip the snow nicely – we found it more stable and better at carving than you might expect. But while you can take it all over the mountain, this board’s really at its best in the park. Or on the beginner slopes, as the same easy flexing feel (and cheap price) that appeals to jib-kids will suit novices too. The graphic, a series of naughty nuns, probably tells you most of what you need to know about it – snotty park rats will love it, bearded freeride types probably less so.

Buy this board at: snowboard-asylum.com, snowandrock.com, hardcloud.com, absolute-snow.co.uk

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