Whitelines Snowboarding’s Deputy Editor Tristan Kennedy reviews the 2012-13 DC Mega at the UK Snowboard Test in Kaunertal.

DC Mega – TECH SPEC PRICE: £300 PROFILE: Camber WIDTHS: Normal Only SHAPE: True Twin FLEX: 7/10 AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 147, 150.5, 154, 156.5, 159

DC Mega – SNOWBOARD BUYERS’ GUIDE REVIEW A new one from DC, this features a faster base, a stiffer flex and a lighter construction than the Ply, meaning it’s better suited to aggressive riding. It’s not a freeride-focussed machine by any means, but if you like going hard and hitting big kickers it’s well worth a look. After all, there’s gotta be a reason why Torstein Horgmo and Aaron Bittner have pro versions of the Mega hasn’t there?.

DC Mega – WHAT THE BRAND SAYS The DC Mega rides like the PLY but on steroids even Torstein is stoked that Nicole's got a brand spanking new rack this year.

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