Whitelines' Deputy Editor reviews the 2013 - 14 Capita Horrorscope at the UK Boardtest in Kaunertal.




SIZES: 140/143/145/147/149/151/153/157/ - 151W/155W


SHAPE: True Twin


This has been one of the best-selling boards in Capita’s line for a few years now, largely due to the fact that it’s playful and easy to ride and yet still has enough power to keep more advanced shredders interested, especially if they’re into jibbing. It also probably helps that it comes it at a very reasonable £300, meaning you won’t have to re-mortgage your house to buy one.

The core of the board is made of something Capita call ‘wood-derived technology’ (or WDT). It’s built out of ‘wood composite’, using a process that Capita have patented. It may not provide the snap of say poplar, but it’s perfect for a soft-flexing board like this one. It’s also lightweight and crucially, it’s cheap to produce, helping keep the cost down.

The profile is Capita’s ‘urban flat kick’ which features a flat section between the bindings, which then kicks upwards around the contact points meaning it’s quite difficult to catch an edge. There are no carbon stringers, but Capita have added what they call ‘anchormat’ underneath the topsheet which reinforces the tip and tail and stops them de- lamming. This makes the board perfect for jibbers and beginners who need something that can take a few knocks without shattering.

The soft flex and that flat kick profile make pressing a dream, and the lifted contact points mean it’s difficult to get hung up on rails. The same characteristics make turning easy and mean novices are less likely to scorpion. The best thing about this board though is the graphic, which like last year’s is designed by British artist (and former pro snowboarder) Jono Wood. It features hot, powerful-looking women with frickin’ laser-beams shooting out of their eyes!

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