• Price: £240 / €280
  • Flex: 6
  • Sizes: UK 4-13
  • Lacing System: Classic Lace

The ThirtyTwo Lashed is always a huge seller, which is no surprise given how highly regarded it is in the snowboarding world.

Obviously a boot this popular isn’t serving a niche; the all-rounder flex and competitive price point mean that most riders can consider this one without it resulting in a trip to either the podiatrist’s office or the poor house.

"When you flex down through the ankle, there’s zero distortion thanks the the design of the outer shell"

An internal harness keeps your foot locked down to eliminate heel lift, but comfort is still at the forefront. The ThirtyTwo Lashed has a heat-mouldable liner that will deliver the perfect fit, and the sizing is as accurate as it gets.

The back of the boot is fully supportive, but when you flex down through the ankle there’s zero distortion thanks the the design of the outer shell. This makes it not only perform better, but it’ll last longer too.

Several different versions of the ThirtyTwo Lashed now exist, including one that boasts a premium leather exterior. We love this Chris Bradshaw pro model, though, and we reckon you will too.