• Rome Katana Stats:
  • PRICE: £240/ €360
  • FLEX: 6-9
  • SIZES: S/M, ML, L/XL
  • ENTRY SYSTEM: Classic

Rome weren’t messing around when they came up with the Katana. Prior to its eventual release in the 2014/15 season, it had gone through a painstaking R&D process that spanned over three years. The result was a strong, lightweight binding that was an instant hit.

One of the things that makes the Rome Katana stand out is the way it facilitates both edge-to-edge rigidity and end-to-end flex. They achieve this in two ways; first, the stiff aluminium part of the chassis is shorter on the outside of each foot than it is on the inside. While you don’t sacrifice any edge-to-edge power, there’s more room to flex the board longitudinally.

Also, the baseplate only makes direct contact with the board in two channels between the edges - everything outside of those channels is slightly raised, giving you even more flex from nose to tail.

It’s got plenty of customisable features. The ankle strap can be adjusted so that it sits higher or lower on your boot to suit your preference, and has been made even lighter for 2016/17. The highbacks are fully rotatable, and you can also adjust the angle they make with the heel edge - perfect if you prefer a wider stance.

Tester's Verdict

Mike Brindley - whitelines.com

“I’ve never stepped into a pair of bindings before that felt this premium in terms of comfort and adjustability. At their least cranked they feel like a lightweight pair of well-dampened freestyle bindings, but with a couple of extra notches on the ratchet you can pump them up to a responsive set for charging – all without increasing the pressure through your boots too much. Something in the give of the hybrid straps means they feel equally secure at both settings, and I got a good amount of boardfeel too.

Like goalkeepers, I’ve often cornered bindings into the area where they only get attention when they mess up, but in testing the Katana really stood out as a little bit of magic – and that was before I even got into messing about with the heelcup and all the rest of the customisable features."

"I’ve never stepped into a pair of bindings before that felt this premium"