• K2 Cinch CTS
  • PRICE: £190
  • FLEX: 5
  • SIZES: M, L, XL

Rear-entry bindings never took off in the way that some predicted when they first appeared, but they still have their patrons and remain a good option for beginners. The less time you have to spend faffing with straps, the more time you’ve got to shred. Obviously that’s not much use if the system doesn’t offer the required support, but you won’t have that problem with the K2 Cinch CTS.

First off, it’s got a combo system which means you can use the rear-entry system or regular two-strap access - you can even change it up from run to run if you wish.

Should you choose the former, it’s as easy as pulling down on the loop to release the pressure, then folding the highback down to place your foot in. once you’re in position, pull the loop up again to secure the highback, and you’re away.

The CTS sits in the middle of K2’s Cinch range, between the high-end CTX and the entry-level CTC. It’s an all-rounder that can turn its hand to anything, so isn’t just for newbies.

First-timers will get on well with it, though, and it’ll see them well past the basics.

“If you want a quick, rear-entry binding then the K2 Cinch could be the binding for you.

The large loop at the back of the highback is easy to reach, and when you snap it down not only does the highback drop down but the chassis opens up too, allowing for the largest of boots to enter without any stress.

Of course, it also has straps and ratchets, so you can use it like a conventional binding too."

“If you want a quick, rear-entry binding then this could be the binding for you"