• Price: £70 / €100
  • Sizes: S, M
  • Flex: 4
  • Entry System: Classic

Head like to keep things simple when it comes to kids gear, from their rockered twin Evil Youth snowboard to the one-strap P Kid binding. The Head P Jr binding has a little more going on, but avoids over-complicating things with unnecessary tech.

"There’s nothing very exciting to report, but as a result the cost has been kept right down"

Unchanged from last year, the Head P Jr is lightweight and straightforward, with an easy two-strap system and basic highback. There’s nothing very exciting to report, but as a result the cost has been kept right down. That suits groms still getting to grips with shredding, as well as your wallet.

EVA cushioning in the baseplate helps to cancel out vibrations, and the straps are certainly comfortable one engaged. The highback isn’t too stiff either, which is appropriate for those first turns and even an introduction to freestyle.

If your child is already looking like a dyed-in-the-wool shred obsessive, they might outgrow these in more ways than one. However, for casual shredders the Head P Jr binding is worth a look.


Tester's Verdict

Pingo - Whitelines Grom Team

"Daaaaddddd….can you come here….I can’t do them up…."

Dad's Comments

"The inside of the toe strap on this is made of a really slippy material, so it kept sliding off the boot, which was odd. I told the kids they were just going to have to suck it up because it was going to take ages to get back and change the bindings, so they bitched at me all day..."