UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Burton Malavita here
  • Price: £245
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Flex: 8
  • Entry System: Classic

The Burton Malavita is first and foremost a freestyle binding. However, while it may be the model of choice for dedicated contest killers like Mark McMorris and Roope Tonteri, it’s become popular with people from right across the snowboarding spectrum.

The 2016/17 iteration of the Burton Malavita binding hasn’t changed much, which should please anyone who was already a fan. The asymmerical ankle strap remains, which can be swapped over for a looser feel. Whichever way you ride them, they’re 100% stitch-free and fit your boot like a glove.

"Under your foot there’s a combination of B3 gel and EVA for absorbing big impacts"

Plus there’s a hinge near the baseplate, which makes the ankle strap fall away from the rest of the binding when not in use. Say goodbye to that awkward moment when the strap flops over the footbed just as you’re trying to step in - and if you think it looks fragile, perhaps the lifetime warranty will set your mind at ease. The toestrap, meanwhile, goes right over the end of your boot and locks you firmly in place with shaped lightweighr rubber.


The highbacks are asymmetrical in order to closer match your body’s positioning when strapped in, and they also are the only ones in Burton’s men’s range to feature the ‘Heel Hammock’. A rubber layer on the inside of the highback allows you to ease off the straps a little, and if you like forward lean then there’s a simple system for cranking it up from the zero-degree neutral position.

Under your foot there’s a combination of B3 gel and EVA for absorbing big impacts, which will come in handy if you come up short on a park jump. It also kills a lot of standard vibrations too, making general riding less hard on your feet.

With so much customisation and comfort, it’s no wonder we’re spotting pairs of Malavitas from the streets to the peaks. The model seen here is the EST style, which only works with boards that feature the channel system. If you want something for a traditional 4x2 setup, the Re:Flex version is available for the same price.

Sam McMahon

Tester's Verdict

Sam McMahon - whitelines.com

Vanilla ice-cream is underrated. Whilst it could be seen as the ‘go-to’ flavour, its beauty lies in its subtlety and ability to blend in seamlessly with anything else on the plate. Burton Malavita bindings are snowboarding’s vanilla, and should be celebrated as such.

"The nifty hinges on the straps to help you get your feet in are a genius touch"

Comfy just to have on your feet, they work remarkably well with any set up, be it park or backcountry – any rider worth their salt who has thrown these on their deck has had a blast. Plus, the nifty hinges on the straps to help you get your feet in are a genius touch!


Trade Secrets

Roope Tonteri - Team Rider, Burton

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I can’t even remember when I last rode a binding other than the Malavita. I think it was in 2010 that I got my first one, and I got hooked instantly.

I always liked the design a lot, especially the winged highbacks that give me extra support when doing nosepresses. You know the feeling when you are lying on a perfect pillow – no matter how you put your head on it, it always feels good. That’s how I feel when I step in my bindings. I am just ready to shred. Why would I ever want to change my binding if I have already found perfection?

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