UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Bent Metal Logic here


  • Bent Metal Logic Stats:
  • PRICE: £185 / €240
  • FLEX: 4
  • SIZES: S, M, L
  • ENTRY SYSTEM: Classic

The wizards at Mervin Manufacturing have revitalised their Bent Metal brand for 2016/17, taking the expertise found in their Lib Tech, Gnu and Roxy boards and applied it to bindings. They’ve kept things simple this season, offering three models with varying degrees of stiffness.

The Bent Metal Logic is easily the softest of the three, with a urethane highback that gives you a surfy feel in the powder and maximum tweakability in the park. Forward lean is adjusted with a cube (also urethane) that can be turned to set the highback at one of four different angles.

The drive plate underfoot is designed to compliment the highback perfectly; biax fibreglass layers in the build offer easy flex, aided by the reduced-size disc that allows your board to bend more freely.

It’s super lightweight, too. The buckles are aluminium, and the toe strap is as pared back as possible while still delivering the reliability you need. As for the ankle strap, foam is used (but not over-used) to give you a comfortable yet responsive ride.

Even though it’s soft, don’t assume the Logic isn’t strong - as with all Bent Metals, the baseplate and heelcup come with a lifetime warranty.

Tester's Verdict

Mike Brindley - whitelines.com

“Stripped back to a simple lightweight shell, the Bent Metal Logic bindings fit nicely in the simple-but-effective category. Everything locks in nicely and feels dead comfortable, with the low-profile straps well in keeping with the bulk-free overall look and feel.

The Cube forward lean adjust is easy to fine tune on the fly – although it’s hard to imagine riders looking at these will be seriously looking to crank their turns, as everything about the high back screams freestyle. There’s heaps of flex in the highback so you can tweak out to your heart’s content."

"Everything locks in nicely and feels dead comfortable"