If you wear big boots, then you need a big board. The alternative is a toe-drag nightmare that makes every turn a gamble, especially on steep terrain or in slushy conditions.

"We've identified which ones you should be looking out for (as well as listing the exact waist width for each)"

Thankfully most popular models are available in wide versions, which up the waist width but keep everything else roughly the same. Regular-sized folk should avoid these as they will be slower from edge to edge, but for the kind of folk whose shoes look like kayaks, they are a godsend.

In some cases it's only certain sizes that will be suitable for those with large feet, so we've identified which ones you should be looking out for (as well as listing the exact waist width for each).

For the most part we’ve steered away from the ‘volume shift’ models that are much shorter than standard fare, and compensate for this by being a lot wider too.

Obviously those are worth a look too, but here are a few more traditional decks that the large-footed should be considering.

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Bataleon | Burton | Gnu | SIMS | Salomon

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Bataleon Stallion Snowboard 2017-2018

Lengths/Widths: 161 (265mm), 164 (268mm), 167 (275mm)

This year Bataleon have made a board just for the larger gents, with every size a wide.

Don’t expect sluggish edge changes though, thanks to the Triple Base Tech. Then there’s the name, which is almost reason enough to snap this thing up no questions asked.



Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2017-2018

Lengths/Widths: 159W (260mm), 162W (264mm)

This freeride favourite isn’t uber wide, but has just enough in the waist to please the Bigfoots among us.

The Flight Attendant is a pow-chaser with a bit of freestyle flair, so whatever you come across in the backcountry, there’s the option to get airborne.

It’s a beautiful carver too, especially without toe drag...



Gnu Riders Choice Snowboard 2017-2018

Lengths/Widths: 162W (268mm), 166W (268mm)

Bigger folk appreciate an asym sidecut as much as anyone, and the Gnu Riders Choice fits the bill.

As you go up in length to a hefty 166cm, the waist width remains the same as the 162 version so that it doesn’t get overly heavy and unresponsive.

Width aside, it’s the perfect board for exploring the whole mountain.



Salomon Sick Stick Snowboard 2017-2018

Lengths/Widths: 151 (263mm), 162 (260mm)

The 157 version is a little too narrow, but both the 151 and 162 versions should have enough heft to give you a hassle-free time in the backcountry.

Oddly it’s the 151 that’s the widest, so check that one out if you want a nimble pow board that’s ideal for nipping in and out of the trees.



SIMS Tom Sims Pro Snowboard 2017-2018

Lengths/Widths: 159W (264mm), 162W (267mm)

Alongside their factory buddies at Never Summer, SIMS don’t overlook wide sizes in any of their boards.

Two chubbier versions of the SIMS Tom Sims Pro cater well for the large-footed, so you can get low in the carves like you’re supposed to.