As the 25th approaches, it's understandable that many of us feel a little bit of anxiety kicking in. Whether it's the grating sounds of Mariah Carey, one too many tequilas at the xmas party or just good old fashioned procrastination, the familiar stress levels are going up a notch.

If you're stuck in a blind panic as to what to buy for the snowboarder in your life (or maybe that snowboarder is you, and your other half is hassling you for a wish list) then here's a last minute run-down of gift ideas.

We've tried to account for a variety of budgets, and we're avoiding the major items of kit on the assumption that you're too skint at this point (see our 2015-16 Buyers Guide for boards, boots, bindings, etc.) but if you're looking for some last-minute stocking fillers then just scroll down and take your pick!


1. Footprints Guide - Snowboarding the World

(By our very own Matt Barr/Chris Moran)

Real tips from actual snowboarders on where and how to best get your snowboarding fix! Covering 100 resorts and 19 different countries.

Price: £20

Get it here:


2. Bawbags Pants

Premium undies designed to ride in - recommended for the avoidance of swamp gooch.

Price: £15

Get it here:


3. T-Shirt - ThirtyTwo Hood Rats

ThirtTwo don't just make boots these days - and their Hood Rats series keeps on throwing up rad designs!

Price: £22

Get it here:


4. SP Gadgets Tripod Grip

We've covered a bunch of GoPro Accessories in more depth in our GoPro Accessory guide - but this SP Gadgets Tripod Grip is a rad extra for the filmer in your life.

Price: £23

Get it here:


5. One Ball Jay Walter Wax

One Ball Jay are all over the novelty snowboard wax game but they also happen to make some of the fastest stuff out there - am I wrong?

Price: £9.95

Get it here:


6. Volcom Speckle Beanie

Let's be honest, in snowboarding you're pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to beanies. This Volcom Speckle option looks like a classic though.

Price: £30

Get it here:


7. Crab Grab Rails

Skate rails have had a resurgence in skateboarding in recent years, but snowboarders are never ones to be left out. Instead of acting as slide-aids for tranny riding, these Crab Grab Rails give extra grip for super-tweaked grabs.

Price: £16

Get it here:


8. Analog Rancid Socks

You know how Ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin? These Analog Rancid socks have been made to have the exact the opposite effect on your feet.

Price: £22

Get it here:


9. Burton Bullet Tool

Shaped (kinda) like a bullet, and bulletproof to boot! This classic tool from Burton folds neatly away for riding and will last for years.

Price: £18

Get it here:


10. Icebreaker Oasis LS Crewe

We've had endless wear out of Icebreaker's thermal kit, and it never fails to be comfy and warm. Well worth the investment!

Check out more thermal options here.

Price: £60

Get it here:


11. Jenny Jones Finisterre Beanie

Check out Olympic bronze medalist Jenny Jones in her own custom Finisterre beanie! Made from a wool/alpaca blend to offer a premium head habitat.

Price: £30

Get it here:

12. Volcom Corps Wallet

Fresh wallets are always handy, and apparently it's bad form to buy your own (who knows why eh). Put your buddies out of their misery with this Volcom one in their stocking.

Price: £20

Get it here:

13. Airhole Face Mask

Airhole have endless face mask options, and they're certainly a specialist in their field, keeping faces safe from the wind and snow. This one obviously gets bonus internet points as it's covered in cats.

Price: £32

Get it here:


14. Skullcandy Grind Headphones

Skullcandy hit the right notes when they releasde the Grind headphones earlier this year - check out our full review here.

Price: £30


15. Burton Work Horse Mitts

Again, we've done some in depth reviews of snowboard mitts already, so be sure to check out some more options here - but above is a last minute addition that we didn't spot - and for a leather glove it's got a damn reasonable price-tag too!

Price: £30

Get it here:


16. Nixon Blaster Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Surprisingly powerful portable sound from Nixon. The Blaster Mini has a big brother too if you need more volume.

Price: £89

Get it here:


17. Brethren Apparel - Thug Rug

Available in all sorts of colours and designs, these fleece-lined hoods come from an original UK upstart that's got a great following at indoor snow venues up and down the country. They're toasty as fuck too!

Price: £35

Get it here:


18. Park x Whitelines Frag Pipe Gloves

You can still get your hands on our limited edition collab with Park if you get a shifty on! And again, we've got our favourite snowboard gloves from the rest of the 2015/16 market rounded up and reviewed too if these don't suit your needs.

Price: £37

Get it here:


19. Burton MTN Essentials Kit

If you've got a friend who's new to the snowboarding gig, or who's just a reliably underprepared co-rider, they might well be in need of this essentials kit, covering everything from tools to wax.

Price: £65

Get it here: