orange snowboard pants and jackets 2014-2015 intro

Orange snowboard pants and jackets make up some of the most visible outerwear on the hill - and even if you restrain yourself to the blue/black/grey spectrum when you're picking everyday clothing - on snow there's no reason not to go for bold.

Inexplicably popular in combination with camo (as illustrated by Illicit's Brandon Cocard analysis) - there's a tonne of orange snowboard pants and jackets about at the moment if you know where to look for it! But if you're internet-clicker fingers are already tired don't worry, we've gathered a whole bunch for you to view.

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686 glcr peak 3 ply orange snowboard jacket

With it's high-end Infidry 20K outerlayer - and a tonne of tech - this three ply orange snowboard jacket from 686 is an absolute beast. It's a shell, with plenty of ventilation, so you can wear it open in summer days, and layer up in the mid winter knowing that you'll stay dry.


airblaster squid bib orange snowboard pants

Sometimes trousers just aren't enough - and you just want a bit more coverage. Enter the Airblaster Squid Bib 3L. Extra coverage, and handy pockets - with reinforced knees and 'Back Door Tex', the best waterproofing and breathability they offer.


ak 2l swash orange snowboard jacket

Super-clean design, Gore-Tex material - you get what you pay for with the [ak] 2L Swash orange snowboard jacket. Extra insulation focusses on your core in this design - leaving your arms with plenty of movement - and it comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can be assured that your investment will pay off.


analog anthem orange snowboard jacket

If you don't want to go for a full blown orange snowboard jacket - the Analog Anthem is a great mid-point. Block coloured with a Tan combination - it's a 10K/10K shell with a classic style and fully taped seams.


billabong J A orange snowboard pants

Jamie Anderson's women's snowboard pants from Billabong - a classic shape with some extra native american style detail. Feathers and patterned waistband aside, these are a 10K/10K class act - and if Jamie is using them herself, you know they've got the goods.


dakine quinn orange snowboard jacket

Dakine's high-end Quinn jacket is a 2L Gore-Tex beast styled into a contemporary women's fit! This 'coral' colourway may not be strictly orange for the colour purists - but it'll do for us! And with a smorgasbord of features - it has to be considered for ladies who want top notch gear!


lib tech strait jacket orange snowboard jacket

With a recycled Polyester shell in 10K/10K material - the Insulated Strait Jacket is Lib Tech's do everything eco option for outerwear. This orange snowboard jacket is designed to let you move naturally - and with little extras like the whistle zipper pull, and peripheral hood adjustment on top of the standard formula, it's built to deliver as well as you'd expect for a Lib Tech product.


o'neill glamour orange snowboard pants

With Herringbone fabric, and a relaxed slim fit - the O'Neill Glamour are a plush women's orange snowboard pant that doesn't cost the Earth. Reinforced material, and poppers that increase the leg opening are handy extra features on these.


o'neill queue jacket orange snowboard jacket

O'Neill's asymmetric design Queue jacket is an asymmetric colour blocked orange snowboard jacket that offers great protection against the elements and insulation too! With a tailored fit it looks pretty snappy too.


protest denys 14 orange snowboard pants

If you're looking for snowboard pants on a budget - the Protest Denys 14 pants could be a great shout! They're relaxed fitting, water resistant and breathable, no-nonsense design for occasional use.


quiksilver reyn 10k orange snowboard jacket

Block coloured and patterned - the Quiksilver Reyn 10K jacket is an insulated jacket for men with an environmentally friendly fabric. Slightly more complex in appearance than many others on this list - but a stand out design all the same.