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Few people have a bottomless bank accounts, particularly when holiday season swings around. You may not have the budget to get your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend that Jones pow stick or a brand spanking new DC jacket. Luckily, there's some rad products out there for under £100.

Some are stonkingly good deals, others are a bit more luxurious but damn sweet products. Either way, the rider who receives one of these gifts is not likely to whack it straight on eBay come Boxing Day. Here's our guide to help get those creative present-buying juices flowing...

[part title="Thirty Two Sleep Stevens Riding Shirt"]


Tartan never fails when it comes to snowboard kit. This Thirty Two riding shirt is Scott Stevens' signature piece. It's made with water-resistant STI Repel coating, so you won't be totally soaked after a day lapping the park. You can wear it as outerwear on sunny spring days or under your jacket when temperatures drop for extra warmth.

PRICE: £70


[part title="Burton Wheelie Gig Board Bag"]


A friend once told me, never buy a board bag without wheels. Damn, he was so right. When you're lugging overstuffed bags around numerous airports/trains/shuttle buses, you will thank the heavens that you bought a wheelie bag. This one from Burton fits boards from 146cm to 181cm. It comes in a range of patterns - we like this Rasta special with a hint of Bob Marley to it.

PRICE: £85


[part title="Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones"]


Not keen on those luminous headphones you've seen strapped to noggins across the globe? Then try out these babies from Skullcandy. They're simple and sleek to look at. The sound clarity is excellent. Rumour has it they're pretty tough-wearing, withstanding everything from rain to being bashed about in your rucksack. Get them on that Christmas list.

PRICE: £60


[part title="Protest Nori Down Jacket"]


Down jackets aren't cheap. Usually you'd be looking at spending £150+ for one of these super warm threads. However Protest have got their own street version at half the price. It comes with a little pac-a-mac style bag, so you can bundle it up and carry it in your rucksack. Not a bad idea when you're constantly putting on/peeling off layers.

PRICE: £70


[part title="Volcom Symtop Ply Laptop Bag"]


Not sure what to take as hand luggage on your next trip? This backpack from Volcom is ideal. It has so many pockets, you'll never lose anything again. Or at least you'll try not to anyway. Among its many compartments is a padded section to keep your laptop safe from bumps and scratches, a pen pocket and a microfleece glasses pocket. The straps are super comfy, so you won't feel the weight too much on your back.

PRICE: £70


[part title="Vans Penken Snow Jacket"]


Lightweight jackets don't get much neater than this one from Vans. There's no frills or fancy trappings here. Just a simple cut with deep pockets and a street-inspired hood. It comes in two colours - black and khaki - so you can't really go wrong. It's probably not one to wear when it's sub-zero temperatures and blowing a hooley on top of the mountain, but perfect for park lappers or riding in spring sunshine.

PRICE: £100


[part title="DC Spartan High WC WNT Shoes"]


If you want something a bit more rad than snow boots to rock around the resort this winter, then these DC high-tops are what you're looking for. They've got a fluffy Sherpa lining to keep your toes warm and thick soles that won't wear out too quickly. The leather exterior means you can't exactly go stomping through powder in them, but they're perfect for hanging around town.

PRICE: £80


[part title="Dragon Alliance D2 Jet Goggles"]


Dragon Alliance make top-notch goggles at high end prices. Luckily for us, they also make a few reasonably priced pairs as well. These D2 goggles are rad, comfortable and durable with 100% UV protection and anti-fog lenses. They come in nearly every colourway imaginable, so you can get exactly the right pair to match your helmet/beanie.

PRICE: £100


[part title="Mons Royale Men's Long Johns"]


New Zealand brand Mons Royale specialise in super fine merino baselayers. It's an art they've mastered in everything from knickers to long johns. These particular long johns are three-quarter length, so they won't get all bunched up inside your boots. Merino wool is renowned for its anti-bacterial quality, so won't smell like cheesy feet after a single day's riding.

PRICE: £60


[part title="Celtek Bitten By A Mitten"]


Mitts are warmer than gloves. There's no doubt about it. Celtek do the some of the jazziest pairs around, including this pair from the Bitten By A Mitten range featuring a trippy bird in crazy colours. Yes, it's wacky and that's why we like it. This wild brands makes everything from bright neckwarmers to more muted beanies for men, women and kids.

PRICE: £50


[part title="Adidas Men's Culver Mid Shoes"]


Adidas are relative newcomers to the snow scene, but they've been around skateboarding for years. With a stonking new team including Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson and Forest Bailey, they've certainly hit the ground running. These aren't specific to snow, as you can probably tell, but they are a super rad pair of shoes to travel in/rep around town.

PRICE: £62