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Torstein Horgmo: Master of Style (in all senses of the word. Photo: Colin Adair/DC

So, we've covered powder hounds in our first rendition of the Christmas gift list. Now it's time for the park rat. We've all got a mate who longs to jib like Torstein. Maybe that mate is you? Or are you that kid who spends hours lapping the dome on a battered old stick? With Christmas just 21 days away (yep, 21!) you're bound to be hankering after a new uber-flexy Bataleon stick or rad camera stick to mount your GoPro on. Which is why we've put together our recommended gifts for park lappers this winter.

If all these products have you dazzled like a magpie in a bauble shop, then this is what you should do. Highlight the page link at the top. Click copy and paste it into an email. Send it to that person who keeps nagging you about what you'd like for Christmas. You won't be sorry.

[part title="Marley Rise Up Headphones"]

Marley Rise Up Over Ear Headphones

PRICE: £145


[part title="DC DCLA Jacket"]

DCLA Jacket 2014

PRICE: £190


[part title="Park Frag Pipe Gloves"]

Park Frag Pipe Gloves

PRICE: £35


[part title="Bataleon Airobic 2014"]


This is definitely one to whack on your Christmas list - the brand new, limited edition Bataleon Airobic - there's only 50 of these been made though, so you best be quick! It's a super soft, true twin jib board with easy balance and solid stability on rails. That's not to say it doesn't ride nicely on piste as well. Plus we like the simple tribal top sheet graphic.

PRICE: £350


[part title="Crab Grab Mega Claw Stomp Pads"]

Crab Grab Mega Claws

PRICE: £16.95


[part title="Nixon Blaster Speakers"]

Nixon Blaster Speakers

PRICE: £130


[part title="XSories U-Shot Camera Stick"]

X Sories U Shot Camera Stick

PRICE: £31.99


[part title="Love Inc. Sweater"]

Love Inc Sweater Red

PRICE: £40


[part title="Giro Surface S Helmet"]

Giro Surface S Helmet

No rider wants a dorky helmet, especially not a park rat. However, it's pretty important to keep your noggin from getting bashed about - so it's usually a good idea to wear one when you're hitting kickers and rails. Giro do a rad range of sturdy helmets in a range of colours. We like the Surface S with skate-inspired peak and understated steeze. Plus it will last you many years, just as long as you don't give it too much of a beating.

PRICE: £79.99