Looking out for that one snowboard that'll get you on the hill but will keep your wallet looking healthy? We've compiled this list of brand new cheap snowboards for winter 2014-2015. All of them rip despite being under £350 – in fact they were some of the most fun of all the models we tested from this year's range of snowboards.


Our editor in chief took this Yes Basic 2015 with him almost everywhere he went last year. He reckons that the combo profile shape combined with an unusual sidecut - in-between your feet it comes in sharper than you'd expect, channelling energy into the contact points - means that whilst it can carve with the best it can still be soft enough to play around with, easily making it his favourite of this year's cheap snowboards. Yes it has an extruded base, but that only brings the price down to a healthy £320!


With eye-catching graphics, this spicey number from Stephild - the Latchkey 2015 in rocker flavour - proved to be a lot of fun with our testers. Some might say a hoot... With a price as trashy as its topsheet you'll have plently of change left over to tip the barmaid at apres.


Perhaps one for riders with big boots and tight wallets, the Nitro Addict 2015 has a wider-than average waist meaning snowboarders with large feet can get a decent whip at a snip. It's a great do all: flexible but stable, mainly camber but flat between the feet, twin shape but directional flex - take it anywhere and have a ball.


Though Olympic bronze medals don't come cheap, the board - the Salomon Gypsy 2015 - that carried Jenny Jones to hers does. Set to be a best seller on the back of Sochi, not only does it kill it in the park but you can find it in pretty much every UK snowboard store this season!


Under testing the Burton Ripcord 2015 held up surprisingly well for an entry level board, and at only £260 it was the second cheapest snowboard that we tried out. It's stable through the turns but has enough directional flex to help you learn those spins off of side hits and jumps - ideal for beginners looking for a first ride!


The Ride Crook 2015 has one of the softest flex pattern in their range, but with only a mellow rocker it'll still hold an edge at speed. Think rails, side hits, butters and heaps of fun: Spencer Schubert has been spotted bringing his now-legendary style and creativity to the shred table on this bad boy.

Rome Artifact Rocker 2014 2015 best cheap snowboard

Rome's Artifact Rocker is a flat-rocker park board, built for getting rad with presses and pop. Reinforced sidewalls mean this won't buckle at the first sign of a rail - and a single-barrel glass Hot-Rod is going to give you plenty of snap tip to tail without limiting that torsional movement too much.


At £350 the Bataleon Camel just sneaks into what we'd define as a cheap snowboard, but we included it because it is by far the cheapest pow-specific board we've seen. Perfect in the deep stuff and a lot of fun on piste, if you want to extend your quiver but don't quite have the dollar to go all out this could be the board for you.

K2 WWW Snowboard 2014-2015 £310/$400


A park board that you could comfortably take all round the mountain, the K2 WWW 2015 has a polished extruded base that almost gives you the speed of sintered at a fraction of the cost. Tweekend nose and tail gives you more surface area to pop off. More pop = more bang for your buck. Cheap snowboards rule.

Roxy Sugar Fox Women's Snowboard 2014-2015 £320/$350


A forgiving entry-level women's snowboard, the Roxy Sugar Fox 2015 will stop you breaking yourself as much as your bank account. As cheerful as it's cheap, banana rocker and magne-traction will give you as much room to play with whilst remaining solid to get you ripping just like Torah Bright!


Being the first board to be designed at Endeavor's newest R&D facility you'd expect the New Standard to come at a hefty price. Fear not though, you can pick one of these up in the UK for under £300! A do-everything charger that can press as well as it holds an edge, you'd be silly not to consider it.

DC PBJ Snowboard 2014-2015 £240/$350


It's the cheapest of all our cheap snowboards, but by no means does the price represent the quality here: now with a camber profile the DC PBJ 2015 is stable with plenty of power in the pop and the removal of the topsheet makes this dainty and light on and off the ground.

Salomon Sabotage 2014-2015 £320/$400

Salomon Sabotage snowboard 2014 2015 review 3

Jamie Nicholls' steed for his Olympics 6th place claim - the Salomon Sabotage is built to dominate in park and pipe. Light but poppy - it's flat between the feet for catch-free rails. You've only got to watch Jamie to see what's possible on one of these things - and at a price which won't punish you too harshly, you can focus on getting on with your progress,

YES Clark 2014-2015 £245


A late entry into our list, but one of the most exciting snowboards for the coming season. The YES Clark is a tribute to the surf foam company of the same name who facilitated an explosion in innovative surfboard design by supplying foam cores to shapers.

The concept is simple - decide what pow board shape you like the most, draw out the design, cut it out then weather seal the edges. Hey presto - you got yourself a dirt cheap, personalised monster for the deep days!