With their new Step On binding system making quite the hullabaloo, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Burton actually make other stuff too. In fact, their range of snowboards is still comfortably the world's biggest, covering every corner of the market from never-evers to X Games winners.

"Flex ratings, profiles and shapes all vary massively, so take a look at the various pros and cons of each before making your decision"

There are some returning classics, such as the long-serving Chopper kids' board and the Custom, as well as a few fresh models like Danny Davis' Deep Thinker and the new Kilroy boards. We've also looked at a couple of their splitboards, should you be wanting to get well away from the groomers.

Flex ratings, profiles and shapes all vary massively, so take a look at the various pros and cons of each before making your decision. Whatever you go for, the B's warranty system is one of the better ones, so each one comes with a bit of extra peace of mind. thrown in.


Burton Chopper Kids' Snowboard 2017-2018

Bigger kids may want to look at the 'Smalls' versions of the Custom and the Process, but for true groms the easy-going Chopper fits the bill.

A variant featuring DC Comics characters is also available, but this original version is pretty nice too, and will help your young charge master the basics in no time.



Burton Custom Snowboard 2017-2018

It's the best-known snowboard in the world, now more than two decades in and showing no signs of slowing down.

It's as trusty an all-mountain steed as you're likely to find anywhere, and the 2017/18 version got a big thumbs up from our Test Team. If you've never tried a Custom, perhaps this is the year to make it happen.



Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard 2017-2018

Want the versatility of the Custom but with an easier-going profile? Here it is.

The combination of camber underfoot and rocker in the middle means that you've got grip when you want it, but even more powder float and butter bending.



Burton Custom X Snowboard 2017-2018

At the other end of the scale is the souped-up Custom X, which doubles down on precision and response.

Lightning-fast edge changes and incredible straightline speed make this the perfect choice for aggressive riders; whether on the piste or on the park's XL line.



Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard 2017-2018

Gonz graphics adorn this pow machine, one of two new boards dreamed up by Danny Davis.

It's pretty powerful, so not one for messing about at slower speeds, but if you're looking to boost off natural features then this is ideal.



Burton Dump Truck Splitboard 2017-2018

Dealing with dodgy, cruddy conditions can be difficult, especially off the beaten track, but the Dump Truck Split can handle it better than most.

With this under your feet you'll be blasting through chop with ease, turning a potentially crappy day into a banger.



Burton Feelgood Flying V Women's Snowboard 2017-2018

The more easy-going of the two Feelgoods, the Flying V delivers all-mountain versatility without the slightly higher edge-catch risks that come with camber.

It's essentially the Custom Flying V, but with a female-specific build, and it's easy to see why it's become one of the most popular women's boards around.



Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2017-2018

The Flight Attendant is great in the powder, but its design makes for a more enjoyable piste-cruise than what similar freeride boards offer.

For those who love the deep stuff but know that they're not always going to get it, the Flight Attendant should be high on the list.



Burton Flight Attendant Splitboard 2017-2018

By turning the Flight Attendant into a splitboard, Burton have immediately given us a classic.

The FA's characteristics are ideal for the pow, and now you can enjoy them even further afield. Be sure to get it airborne at every opportunity.



Burton Instigator Snowboard 2017-2018

Technically a beginner board, the Instigator has won over far more accomplished riders with its solid, lively ride.

Starting from where the ever-popular Clash left off, it's bound to win over just as many riders as its predecessor.



Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard 2017-2018

The Kilroy series takes established Burton models and gives them a bit of a makeover. Some of the tech is dispensed with, which brings the price down nicely.

Like the original, it's an all-rounder, although one that's a bit more freestyle-leaning. If you like finding hits all over the mountain, you'll love this.



Burton Kilroy Process Snowboard 2017-2018

Meanwhile the Kilroy Process does the same for Burton's premium park board.

The changes aren't massive, but they'll offer up a unique ride that'll suit the fun lovers as much as the cash-strapped.



Burton Process Off-Axis Snowboard 2017-2018

There aren't yet as many Processes as there are Customs, but this asymmetrical version will probably be around for the forseeable future.

A true twin outline hides a specially-shaped core that more closely aligns with the duck-footed stances of park rats. It's subtle, but effective.



Burton Story Board Women's Snowboard 2017-2018

This new female-focused freeride stick absolutely blew our Test Team away.

You've heard us rave about the Flight Attendant - this is essentially a women's version, tweaked in every way to better suit the female pow fan.



Burton Talent Scout Snowboard 2017-2018

If you want to emulate Anna Gasser and hit the biggest shit in the park, the Talent Scout will help you out.

It's a fully cambered, poptastic freestyle machine, which will have you launching skywards in style. The asymmetric tweaks aren't too shabby either.



Burton Working Stiff Snowboard 2017-2018

If you want a shorter board that's also solid enough at speed to handle the gnarlier lines out there, the new Working Stiff could be the one.

It's setback enough to float over anything, but won't feel too much like an oil tanker when you want to change course.