It's an interesting time for snowboard bindings - will the two-strap system, dominant for so long, hold out against the return of step-in technology (more on which below)? We’ll find out soon enough, but for now the ‘classic’ interface remains by far the most popular binding style.

When choosing a pair of snowboard bindings, it’s worth bearing three things in mind: Fit, Function and Features. Naturally an ill-fitting binding will lead to problems, so always check a brand’s sizing info to make sure you’re getting the most appropriate model for your feet.

"A good look at the individual features on each binding can help you make the right call"

You also don’t want a carbon-fibre beast wrapped around your feet if you’re only interested in mellow cruising - likewise, a softer freestyle model isn’t going to hold up to all-day charging at Mach 3. Even bindings that look similar on the surface can differ greatly in characteristics, so search for a pair that best suits your intentions on the mountain.

A good look at the individual features on each binding can help you make the right call. For example, if you’re going to be lapping the XL kicker line all day, some extra padding in the heel area of the footbed might be a good shout, but it’s less necessary for those riding ground-level jibs - or who don’t venture into the park at all.

Straps can vary from plush padded models to lightweight, sparse designs, depending on the riding style they’re aimed at. Comfort is paramount, with reliability a close second. Strap length adjustment is important too, and can help achieve the perfect fit with your boots. At the same time, bear in mind that it’s not something you’ll need to do very often, so shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

As always, we recommend getting these in your hands - head to your local dealer to suss out the weight, materials and features for yourself, bringing your own boots along too if possible. Also check out our video on How To Choose Your Snowboard Bindings.

A good pair of binders can withstand years of abuse, so it’s a decision worth taking your time over.

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Bataleon | Bent Metal | Burton | Drake | Flow | Head | K2 | NOW | Ride | Rome | Salomon | Switchback | Union | Vimana

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Bataleon Mini Shred Kids' Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This is only available as part of a set with the Bataleon Mini Shred snowboard, but our testers all agreed that this was a winning combination.

If you're looking to kit out a grom with all they need to progress way beyond the nursery slopes, you've found it.



Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This green machine is Bent Metal’s most jib-friendly model, and one that anyone who prefers a flexier model should definitely take a look at.

The Sean Genovese art job is just one of the things to like about this binding, so read our in-depth review to get the whole story.



Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Solution sits at the other end of the scale, and is basically a carbon throne for your feet.

With a stiff-as-all-hell highback and a Drive Plate to match, the Bent Metal Solution offers up lightning response in a surprisingly comfy package.

If you’re an aggressive rider, definitely give this one a look.



Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Transfer is Bent Metal’s halfway-house offering; stiff enough to charge, yet soft enough for messing about.

The Drive Plate features enough dampening to mellow out gnarlier descents, while the asym highback and minimalist straps keep you comfortable and supported.

The colourway seen here has been designed by Forest Baile, and there’s a Jamie Lynn version available too.



Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

A classic all-rounder that shows no signs of retiring, the Burton Cartel has been a workhorse for countless riders over the years.

The pared-back straps are comfortable with no loss of response, and the single-piece highback is just the thing for more powerful riders.



Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This lower-priced, softer-flexing option is a favourite with beginners, but it’s got plenty to offer the more accomplished rider too.

Its all-mountain characteristics of the Burton Custom binding leave nothing off the table, and the straps have a real focus on comfort.



Burton Escapade Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Burton’s ‘PodBED’ footbed is only available on the EST version of the Escapade, so for next-level cushioning that’s the one to go for.

Both the EST and Re:Flex versions are packed with female-specific tech and design that’s guaranteed to improve the experience of any competent rider, regardless of their focus.



Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This one costs a pretty penny, but the Genesis remains a strong choice for the serious freerider who is fed up of sacrificing comfort for performance.

The Burton Genesis handles both with aplomb, thanks to the use of the finest materials an technologies, including shock-absorbing gel and a suspension-like highback hammock.



Burton Lexa Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This astonishingly popular women’s binding has earned its reputation through years of medium-flexing, all-round quality that’s tough yet lightweight.

There are a lot of versatile binders out there, but none quite like the Burton Lexa.



Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

This freestyle favourite is back for an eighth winter, and we expect it to be as well-received as ever in 2017/18.

Asymmetric ankle straps let you fine-tune what is already a comfortable, supportive ride, and the highback hammock ensures you get perfect boot-hold with less vibration-induced fatigue.



Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

If it’s a slightly chunkier ankle strap that you’re after, the Burton Mission packs a bit more padding than the majority of the B’s range.

The highback is more solid than most too, with a predictable flex and serious durability.

It’s little wonder that this one’s been around for so long, and we expect that it’ll continue to impress in 2017/18.


burton step on step in blue snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

In hype terms, this binding is Mayweather vs McGregor - but is it as disappointing?

Read on to see what our testers made of the B’s bold return to the world of step-in technology

(Spoiler alert: we selected it for the Whitelines 100, our pick of the best snowboarding products of 2017/18…)



Drake Supersport Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Sick of hearing about all-mountain binders? The Drake Supersport is something a bit more specialist, aimed at the hard chargers amongst us.

The lightweight baseplate is ridiculously strong, and there’s enhanced cushioning in the heel area.

Whether you like screaming down culoirs or flying over road gaps, the Drake Supersport is a binding you can trust.



Flow NX2 Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Rear-entry ain’t just for beginners; the Flow NX2 offers the convenience of a flip-down highback, with all the tech trappings of a pro-level binder.

It’s not the cheapest, but one look at the NX2 will tell you that this has been designed with serious riders in mind.



Head NX Five Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The ankle strap of the Head NX Five can be stiffened up with an insert, giving you more control if you like charging on some days and cruising on others.

The ‘Auto Open’ system takes a lot of the frustration out of doing up your straps, and both the footbed and the highback have been designed for the perfect blend of comfort and response.



Head P Jr Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The price tag on these will come as welcome news for anyone with a fast-growing grom that's constantly needing fresh gear.

While not the techiest, they've got everything a beginner-to-intermediate young rider needs - and for the even younger ones there's the Head P Kid (below)



Head P Kid Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

With its simple one strap system, the Head P Kid can help to up the mileage of any micro-shredder, which will definitely help their progression.

Naturally they've got a bit of a 'toy' look and feel to them, but that might be just the thing to hold your grom's attention while they're still starting out.



K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Now lighter than ever, the K2 Formula will please anyone who likes an all-rounder that doesn’t feel in the least bit clunky.

It may change a little every year - this winter’s highback, for example, is notably different - but for more than a decade the Formula has proven itself as reliable an all-rounder as any you could name.



K2 Lien FS Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Lien FS continues to feature a unique ‘tripod’ chassis that allows for more lateral movement than just about any other binding. The same system also does a great job of shock-absorbing.

For those looking for a freestyle binder, we’d be hard pushed to recommend anything higher than the K2 Lien FS.



NOW Brigade Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

NOW’s team-tribute binder is an all-rounder that leans a little more towards freestyle, whether it’s in the park or the pow.

Asymmetric straps allow you to tweak out when you want, or instead opt for increased support, while NOW’s patented Skate-Tech rocks from edge to edge for a unique riding experience.


now conda womens snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

NOW Conda Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

You’ll also find those asym straps on the NOW Conda, a relatively new model aimed at the more confident female rider.

The bushings on the Skate-Tech system can be changed to offer different levels of response, but whichever you choose you’ll get improved board flex thanks to the design of the baseplate.



NOW Drive Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Skate-Tech is renowned for offering a ‘loose trucks’ ride when that’s what you want, but in the NOW Drive it’s been applied to a far more freeride-focused chassis.

Given how important efficient energy transfer is to the likes of Jeremy Jones, that makes a lot of sense.

The highback is relatively tall by NOW standards, and the straps are pretty damned supportive too.



NOW NxGen Kid's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

As groms get older, they need something with all the tech offered to adults, wrapped in a kid-specific package.

The NOW NxGen is a masterclass in how not to pander; with an asymmetric highback and an absence of cartoonish graphics, this will help your young charge get to the next level with confidence.


ride capo snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Ride Capo is built to last, which is just as well because getting this one will likely inspire you to push your riding further than ever before.

Tough yet comfy, it’s a stellar choice for the intermediate rider looking to step up to advanced, and the expert who wants something reliable for serious descents.



Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

As indestructible as Captain Scarlet, the Ride Rodeo’s aluminium chassis can take a battering and still come out on top.

It’s best suited to park riders, and the highback is now thinner and lighter than ever for maximum tweakage.

Try and break ‘em - we dare you.



Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

With its medium flex and plush ankle strap, the Rome 390 Boss definitely delivers a comfortable ride.

It’s no leather wingback chair, however; edge-to-edge response is rapid, but the baseplate design means you get a bit more leeway from nose to tail.

So you can charge on the 390 Boss if you like, but surfier turns are just grand too.



Rome D.O.D. Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Back for its second season, the Rome D.O.D. has lost none of the old magic. It’s still tough as nails thanks to the aluminium heelcup and chassis.

It’s a little more conventional than the Katana or Vice, so while it’s no 90s relic, traditionalists will like this one all the same.


rome katana snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Rome Katana is the last word in customisation - there are so many options, you get the impression that an elephant and a chicken alike could get on with this one.

If you like something with a bit of lateral movement (that’s from nose to tail), then this is a winner thanks to the asymmetric baseplate that doesn’t compromise edge-to-edge response.


rome mini shred kids black snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Rome Mini Shred Kid's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

While convenience is at the forefront (the heelcup and highback are combined, and everything is tool-free), the Rome Mini Shred still stood out as one of the best kid’s bindings we tested.

It’s available in two sizes that together cover a vast spread of sizes, and it will suit any young ripper from the emerging grom to the confident charger.



Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The simplest way to describe the Rome Vice is as a less techy version of the Katana.

It certainly matches its sibling in the customisable stakes, and has the same asymmetric aluminium chassis that allows for more nose-to-tail weight shifting.

It’s cheaper, though, so if you can’t justify forking out for the Katana then this is the next best thing.



Salomon Defender Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

The Salomon Defender features ‘Shadowfit’ technology, epitomised by its soft, malleable highback.

With the backing of a Kevlar wire it’s not lacking in strength or response, and also forms the perfect bond with whatever boot you wear.

Elsewhere it’s a quality charger of a binding that you don’t need to be shy with.



Salomon District Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Another Shadowfit model, the District is a bit more of an all-rounder than the Defender, and so will appeal to a broader range of riders.

Whether a park rat or a piste-basher, you won’t fail to appreciate the District’s comfy straps, light weight and effective cushioning. A class act.



Salomon Hologram Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Alongside the Hi-Fi boot and Ultimate Ride snowboard, the Salomon Hologram is the final piece of Bode Merrill’s dream set-up.

It’s built to handle the big stuff, whether in the park, the streets or the pow. Even if you’re not Bode standard (and no-one is, really), you may well love his hard-hitting binder.



Salomon Mirage Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Female riders get to enjoy Shadowfit too; the Mirage offers the same perfect boot fit and instant response, thanks to the malleable heelcup.

The highback and ankle strap are both asymmetrical, for comfort and improved support, but it’s not overly designed. Riders of all shapes, sizes and styles will find the Mirage to their liking.



Salomon Nova Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Unique in appearance but fairly conventional in performance, the Salomon Nova is aimed at the freestyle fan who wants a bit more from their binder.

The ‘Blaster’ tech offers excellent shock absorbing, so the park fiend and cliff-dropper alike can appreciate this one.

If you’re ready to step things up, this could be the binding to help you do it.



Salomon Trigger Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Another Blaster model, the Trigger has a suspension system that delivers a more conventional ride than Shadowfit binders, but is better suited to freestyle than common-or-garden fare.

Now with a new, improved highback, the Salomon Trigger is one of our standout bindings for 2017/18.



Switchback Eiki Pro Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Eiki Helgason’s pro model binding is one of a few Switchbacks to be upgraded with the new AERON base. Goodbye plastic, hello over-moulded aluminium.

The new-look Eiki Pro is therefore stronger and more responsive, but the flat highback and relatively soft straps mean that this remains a top choice for park riders.



Switchback Static Women's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Meanwhile the Static still rocks Switchback’s classic ‘Origin’ base, which offers more bang for the buck than anything on the market.

The Static is set up for all-round riding, but as with all Switchbacks you can customise every part of it to better suit your preferences.

There’s also the option to go highbackless, which is something everyone should try at least once.


switchback halldor pro snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Switchback Halldor Pro Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Like his bro, Halldor Helgason has adopted the new AERON base on his pro Switchback binder.

With its winged ‘wrapback’ and above-average stiffness, the Switchback Halldor Pro stands out as a high-end freestyle binding without equal.

If you intend to turn a few heads in the park this winter, here’s something that’ll help you out.


switchback session snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Switchback Session Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Serious riders looking to try out Switchback’s new chassis would do well to check out the Session.

The overmoulded aluminium foundation is just the thing for charging the whole mountain, with the FL highback and Eames straps giving you full confidence.

As always, it there’s something you don’t like you can always ‘switch’ it up...



Union Atlas Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Here’s another one aimed at the fearless; the Union Atlas is as light as bindings come, yet can handle a hammering from first chair to last.

Solid without being clunky the Atlas has your back even at breakneck speeds. Little wonder, then, that it’s the binder of choice for the likes of Arthur Longo and Kazu Kokubo.


union cadet youth kids snowboard bindings 2017 2018 review

Union Cadet Youth Kid's Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

After it ticked all the right boxes regarding strength, convenience and performance, the Union Cadet Youth binding emerged as a clear winner in our kid’s binder test.

It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you know it’ll give your grom the backing he/she needs a they develop their fledgling shred skills.



Union Contact Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

By keeping contact with the board to a minimum (hence the name), the Union Contact lets you feel your board’s natural flex like no other binding.

It’s built to last, even if you regularly abuse it in the park - which is what it’s designed to do.

Just ask Scott Stevens, whose pro model colourway this is.



Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Dan Brisse’s preferred binder is as strong as an ox, capable of withstanding the bombiest of bomb drops and the gappiest of roof gaps.

The combination of blended nylon and aluminium really is the gold standard in strength - but thanks to a well-designed straps and EVA cushioning, it’s comfortable too.



Vimana Scando Snowboard Bindings 2017-2018

Scandi brand Vimana may only make one binding, but it’s a belter.

With a backbone made from strong, flexible urethane, this monochrome masterpiece can turn its hand to anything.

It’s lighter than ever, with a simplified design that will satisfy anyone looking for a dependable all-rounder.