best womens snowboards 2014-2015 intro
Whatever you're looking for - the choice of womens* snowboards out there at the moment is great! While there still may not be quite as many as the men's range, lady specific designs are certainly now more than just a chance of graphics - and if you honestly haven't found exactly what you're looking for just yet - fear not, there's a lot more to try!

We've had some rave reviews from our test team about some of this season's sticks - and over the next few pages we'll be breaking them down into categories - so whether you're looking for the best womens snowboard for park or powder - or something that can handle it all, you'll find some pointers that are relevant to the 2014-2015 range.

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*Disclaimer - apostrophes have been left out of this post for the benefit of search engines - Whitelines would like to apologise to any offended teachers and/or parents - we DO know better, but unfortunately Google doesn't...

Burton talent scout snowboard 2014 2015 review-3

If you're looking for the best womens snowboards to step up in the park - you can't go far wrong following in the footsteps of Kimmy Fasani and Enni Rukajarvi; and given that the Talent Scout is favoured by both - it's bound to get you off to a good start. It's an asymmetric twin that's great for presses and butters - and packed with other features too.

jones womens solution split snowboard

Unsurprisingly - Jones know how to do splitboarding pretty well! The Jones Womens Solution is a split that has somehow managed to lose 300g in weight since last year - which makes it 200g lighter than the carbon version of it's male equivalent. Handy for the way up! The formula for the way back down is largely time honoured - large blunted nose with a directional rocker - but the Solution also employs mellow magnetraction for great edge hold - and a speedy 9900 sintered base!


never summer infinity women's snowboard 2014 2015-2

If you're splashing out a bit on your board this year - the Never Summer Infinity is a tech-packed ride that comes highly recommended from our testers. It's designed to tackle the whole mountain - with a hybrid camrock profile that engages different parts of the board when you need them most. The price might be a stretch - but it reflects in the difference you'll feel out on the hill.

Nitro Mystique snowboard 2014 2015 review-3

Simplified without loosing it's all mountain performance - the Nitro Mystique would make a great first time buy at just £299, with plenty to offer. It's certainly no jib stick - but what you do get here is the versatility to find your style of riding, without breaking the bank.

Roxy T Bird snowboard 2014 2015 review 3

Torah Bright's All-Mountain option came out top of the class in tests - and we'd definitely recommend this if you're at an intermediate rider looking to progress. It's a true-twin so you can develop your freestyle, but we're told that it also held up on piste and powder really well. With a speedy 'TNT' base and forgiving profile, balanced out by Magnetraction grip - this board has truly got all the bases covered!

Click here for a full review of the Roxy T-Bird womens snowboard 2014-2015

Salomon Gypsy snowboard 2014 2015 review 3

Jenny Jones' board of choice would of course have been equally at home in the 'Best Womens Park snowboard' category - but at this price - we thought it deserved a different top spot! At just £320 for this year's design, you're looking at a speedy progressive ride that'll help you figure develop rather than hindering you. Yes, it's a park specialist - but you're going to have a lot of fun with this on piste and side hits too!

Yes Hel Yes snowboard 2014 2015 review-3

YES's Helen Schettini pro model has a more than proven track record for backcountry freestyle - and according to our testers it can handle any terrain you throw at it too! Powerful and poppy with plenty of float, it features 'overbite' edges for increased hold - maybe not a first buy, but definitely one for pushing your limits!