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You can throw all the foot measurements in the world at us lot here, but in most cases, there's still relatively little we can definitively say as to whether you need a Wide snowboard or not.

[related_articles]A lot of factors come into play when you have big feet - whether you ride a ducked stance or not for example, or how compact your boots are. Obviously excessive drag on your toe and heel side carves are particularly what you want to avoid - but it's also worth considering whether you want that slightly stiffer flex and slower edge-to-edge transition that typically comes with wider sizes.

You'll have to make the call at the end of the day and see what's comfortable for you, so as per usual the best rule of thumb is to try before you buy whenever possible. However, if you're looking for a place to start, there are a number of boards that cater specifically to bigger builds, and offer multiple wide options...

So hit left and right to scroll through to get some ideas!

bataleon goliath+ snowboard 2014 2015 review 3

Despite its name - the Bataleon Goliath + is not exclusively a board for bigger riders. It is however, a supercharged shred stick that caters for all sizes, and the whole mountain! Freestyle Triple Base tech for a catch free ride, now reinforced with carbon and kevlar, but just as poppy and fun as ever.

WIDE SIZES: 158W, 160W, 163W

burton custom flying v 2014 2015 review 2

No surprises here - Burton's Custom has the privilege of being one of the most recognised boards in snowboarding, and it's highly-popular versatile ride has led to a crackin' range of wide sizes. Both the camber version, and the Flying V profile option shown have a proven record depending on your preference - as per usual, the Custom sets the standard.

WIDE SIZES: 155, 158, 162, 169

Capita Nas snowboard 2014 2015 review-3

Kazu Kokubo's whip of choice is just as home in the powder as the park - and our test team found this camber charger still held quite a lot of torsional flex. Lightweight and snappy - it's built for big hits and high forces.

WIDE SIZES: 157W, 160W, 163W

DC PBJ snowboard 2014 2015 review-3

Given it's price range - the DC PBJ has got to be a consideration for any park focussed camber lover. If you're worried about the weight on wider boards, our testers reported back that this was more than light enough, and even holds an edge well when you take it out of it's home territory.

WIDE SIZES: 155W, 159W


K2's WWW is another long running freestyler that has earned already earned it's stripes many times over - AND this flat profile park weapon is one of the shortest wide options around! With a large 'Tweekend' surface in the nose and tail for pressing, and a tough construction, this will happily have you lapping for a long time to come.

WIDE SIZES: 151W, 154W, 157W

lib tech skunk ape

Lib Tech's Skunk Ape HP is certainly one for the big boys. If you're in no doubt that you need an oversized ride, this all-terrain whip goes up to 170, and has been specifically designed for gentlemen of larger builds! Super-light to compensate for the extra surface area in longer, wider boards - and tailored for powder lovers too.

WIDE SIZES: 157W, 161W, 165W, 169W, 170


Never Summer Proto HD snowboard 2014 2015 review 3

Many of the high-tech boards offered by Never Summer now come with a wide option - signified by an 'X' at the end of the model name - and the all-mountain freestyle Proto HD X particularly has a great line up of sizes for riders with big feet. It's a high-end all-rounder, with a true twin shape and comes absolutely packed with features!

WIDE SIZES: 152W, 155W, 158W, 160W, 163W



An asymmetrical option - and a bit 'out there' looks wise, Ride's new Helix snowboard has certainly turned heads this year. It's a mid flexing park board that has a sharper sidecut on the heel-side to compensate for the differences in how we turn anatomically. Coming in with three different options in the wide sizes - it's certainly lived up to the hype so far.

WIDE SIZES: 156W, 162W, 159

rome agent wide snowboard 2014-2015

With two different profile options, and 7 different mid-wide sizes between them, Rome's Agent and Agent Rocker snowboards are all mountain freestylers that have a great range of choice for big booted riders. Reinforced with carbon pop-rods, and impact edges - both choices are a one-stick quiver at any time of year.


Agent - 156MW, 158MW, 160MW

Agent Rocker - 156MW, 158MW, 160MW, 162MW


smokin big wig best wide snowboard 2015

Smokin's Big Wig is a mid-wide board for dudes who need the extra room, but don't want to go massive! It's wide at the inserts and features a park rocker profile, Magnetraction edges and US handmade environmentally conscious construction. Skate style, butter and fun, it'll handle the hits - and goes down to a 150 in length too!

(MID)WIDE SIZES: 150, 153, 157, 162


Got any more suggestions or tips for Wide snowboard riders? We're all ears, post 'em in the comments section below...