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With helmets, fit is the watchword; what you’re looking for is the Goldilocks of lids. Too tight and it’ll be uncomfortable, too loose and it could slip during a crash. Once you have found the one that fits just right, take a look at the features. Does it have ventilation? Do you have a choice of wearing your goggles either over the top or underneath? Do the earpads come off, making it more suitable for warmer conditions? And last (but by no means least), what safety standards does it meet?

Most lids will have a sticker with its "Conformité Européenne" (aka CE) rating, proving that it’s met certain EU standards, but it’s always worth double-checking in case the one you like the look of isn’t fit for purpose – better to find that out before you buy, rather than when you take that slam.

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This is Anon’s most “stripped down" helmet, so definitely one to consider if you’re on a budget. While it isn’t as flush with features as some of its competitors, and you can’t tweak the fit, it’s a solid and dependable lid. There’s a wide range of colours available too.


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Anon's Wren is a Women's helmet that comes in at the top end of their range. With plenty of adjusters and faux-fur lined pads it's been made to be super comfy even in cold conditions - and you can customise the fit to accommodate for goggles and/or a beanie too.

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Bern's longest standing helmet is a firm favourite for many - and it's available in with such a range of options that it's not hard to see why. Pick your colour - choose between winter and summer linings - and decide whether you want the multiple impact 'Hard-Hat' version or the EPS approved 'ThinShell' - then you're ready to go!

bern premium watts best snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review-3

This one definitely ticks the ‘lightweight and comfortable’ boxes. You can tighten the inner lining at the back with a dial, although it’s concentrated at one point. The wire mesh vents can’t close but will help you stay you cool while keeping most snow out - and there’s a sweet in-earpad audio system available.


electric mashman snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review-3

A curveball new entry from Electric for this season - the Mashman is a motorbike inspired lid with all the features you need for snow. Fronted by Peter Line, it's made to be fully compatible with all of Electric's goggles, withstand multiple impacts, and keep you cool with front-to-rear ventilation.


lazer dissent snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review-3

This freeride-focussed helmet doesn’t come cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. It hits high up on the comfort scale - and adjustment of both the ventilation and the fit is a piece of cake. Featuring a 'Rollsys' adjustment system that can be removed to fit a GoPro adaptor or light - there's more to this than you might first think.


Quiksilver skylab snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review 2

Approved by Travis Rice himself - the Quiksilver Skylab helmet is made to be super-lightweight - easily adjustable, and provide seamless integration with Travis' Quiksilver Hubble Goggles. Take the fleece lining out - or leave it in, and you can use it all season long.

sandbox classic snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review 2

This offers a great fit, and while you can’t adjust it on the fly you can swap out the padding for a different thickness to get it just right. It's low profile if you're struggling to find space inside your hood, and there's a great range of styles to pick from too.

smith maze best snowboard helmet 2014 2015 review

The World's lightest certified snowboarding helmet according to Smith. Coming in at 350g this is already clearing shelves. The Maze is beanie compatible, and features a load of ventilation too - you can even include a headphone option when ordering if tunes are a big priority.