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You might get away with wearing sunglasses in warmer weather, but a pair of goggles is usually a better choice. The best snowboard goggles protect your peepers from the sun, snow and wind, and won’t fly off your face with every little spill. Lens colour is the main thing you want to consider; as a rule darker lenses are better for brighter conditions, while lighter-tinted ones help to maximise your vision in poor light. Clear lenses are really only for riding under floodlights, hence why you see plenty of them in use at the X Games pipe final. It’s always good to have a choice, and with the clever new systems found on the latest models, it’s a breeze to swap them out.

Adidas Pinner snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review-3

With additional options for glasses wearers - and a 'vitalising psychological effect' adidas' Pinner goggles with their LST active lens are making a big claim for a relatively small price! One for fans of traditional frames who want a durable design.

Anon M2 snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review-3

Anon's M2 features the big drawing point of their 'Magna-Tech' lens changing system - a series of magnets that give great hold to keep your lens in place, but also allow you to quickly change lenses to suit different light conditions. There's 24 different lens options to choose from too - so no doubt you'll find the best snowboard goggles for you.

dragon advanced projects x2 snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review

Oversized, frameless goggles with Dragon's 'Swiftlock' lens change system - quick release levers allow for rapid lens changing on these. Top of the range - they include features like 'Armoured Venting' to keep your vision clear in all conditions.

dragon d1 best snowboard goggles 2014-2015

If you want a large fit, but don't want to go frameless - the Dragon D1 is a great solution, at an even better price. It's a lightweight option, and you even get a spare lens included - so you can change things up when the weather shifts.


dye t1 bjorn leines best snowboard goggles 2014-2015

The T1 is a lightweight frame with great peripheral vision. It comes with a spare rose tinted lens for low light - as well as the polarized one pictured that performs best when it's bright and sunny. The change-over is made simple with a four clip system, so you won't be fiddling around for hours.



If you've got a smaller face, or just prefer smaller frames - the EG2.5 could be the best snowboard goggles for you. Featuring a spherical lens shape for great peripheral awareness - it's got anti-fog and anti-glare tech going on, and even comes with a spare low-light lens too.

Nike Command Transition snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review-3

Right at the top end of the spectrum in terms of pricing - Nike's Command Transition goggles aren't holding back in any sense. Using fighter pilot approved lenses - these are designed to adapt to changing light conditions and leave you with perfect vision without having to swap things around.

Oakley Flight Deck snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review-3

Fighter pilot inspired goggles are clearly all the rage this year - as the Oakley Flight Deck step up. Another high end frameless option with an enormous field of vision - they feature 'Plutonite' lenses for full optical protection and an adaptive fit for all-day comfort.

oakley splice best snowboard goggles 2014-2015

Oakley's Splice goggles have been going for a little while now, and have a great range of colours and lenses to choose from. The design incorporates 'anatomical architecture' for a great fit that allows you to breathe naturally and makes these some of the most comfortable goggles going.


Shred Smartefy Popsicle snowboard goggles 2014 2015 review 3

Shred's Smartefy goggles are a wide fitting frame for medium/small faces - and are designed around improving traditional goggles without going for gimmicks. The foam in these is tapered for a great fit - and their 'No BS' lens swap system keeps things simple.

smith i:ox best snowboard goggles 2014-2015 2

Smith's I/OX goggles are a large fitting (almost) frameless design with great peripheral vision and enough space inside to fit over glasses comfortably. They feature a handy clip at the back of the strap for quick-release, and a four-clip lens change system so you can switch between the two different options that come as standard.


von zipper feenom 2014-2015 best snowboard goggles

The Von Zipper Feenom N.L.S. goggles offer a great selection of mid-large options with integrated helmet hinges built into the design. This particular option - the 'Shift Into Neutral' range - has a 50% recycled frame, minimal packaging and even comes in an organic goggle bag; so you can make your purchase guilt free.