best snowboard gloves

When it comes to finding the best snowboard gloves - there’s quite a bit of variety here, so seek out different types and see which you prefer.

Mitts tend to be a bit bulkier with more insulation, and allow your fingers to benefit from the warmth of the others. You can get lower-profile ones these days, though.

‘Trigger’ style mitts like the Celtek Trippin Pro free up the index finger, which will suit the smokers out there. Even with normal five-finger gloves, there’s a choice: go for insulated ones in the colder weather, and thinner ‘pipe’ gloves for spring sessions. If in doubt, it’s always better to have hands that are too hot than too cold!

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686 glcr cirque best snowboard gloves

Classic fit women's snowboard gloves from 686 - these GLCR Cirques are fitted out in 'Infidry' 10K/8K material, and so have similarly potent waterproofing as you'll find on their other outerwear. They're fairly heavily insulated too - with 300g over the knuckle, and 60g in the palms, so these should certainly have all the bases covered for a warm all-rounder.


analog marksman best snowboard gloves

Analog's Marksman mitt/cut-off style is an ideal snowboard glove for cameramen, or those of you who want easy access to your fingers without stripping your gloves off completely. They're not too heavy duty - so maybe not one for the coldest/wettest days, but as a versatile spring/park/dome alternative you've got the best of both worlds.


burton womens pipe gloves best snowboard gloves

Burton's Pipe Gloves this year come with an added bonus for technology lovers - as they're now touchscreen compatible! With 'Sticky Icky' palm grips and 'Dryride Ultrashell' fabric - these'll make a great warm weather pair for tweaking out and geeking out.


celtek trippin pro trigger mitt snowboard gloves 2014 2015 review-3

Trigger mitts have been a popular addition to the standard mitt/glove options - and offer a bit more movement and control with that independent index finger, while retaining the warmth of a mitt. Celtek's Trippin Pro mitts are one of the top pairs available today - and come with the endorsement of pros like Bode Merrill and Cale Zima.

dakine camino womens best snowboard gloves

Dakine's Camino women's snowboard mittens pack a lot in for their price - not only do you get a super warm durable mitten, but they come with removable fleece liners that are touchscreen compatible too! For an extra boost there's even a pocket in these that'll fit a heat pack nicely.


howl baker mitt best snowboard gloves

Howl's lightweight Baker Mitt's are a great example of the now-popular park mitt style. Low profile, water resistant nylon and neoprene construction - for spring riding and dome use, this is another winner.


love inc g'love snowboard gloves 2014 2015 review-3

Full on leather outer - with a fleece lining. These Love Inc gloves from the British brand are born out of the recommendations of the community. When you buy them you even get a code so you can make your own suggestions for the next pair too!

oakley snowmad mitt snowboard gloves 2014 2015 review-3

Oakley's Snowmad mitts are pretty heavy duty - with Gore Tex weatherproofing and Thinsulate lining, it's a collab with some of the best respected names in outdoor clothing. Made for tougher conditions - these are more expensive than many, but there's little chance they'll leave you wanting more.

Transform the photo incentive best snowboard gloves

Another Thinsulate option - Transform's The Photo Incentive gloves are an built with unisex sizing in mind, and have a classic leather finish. They're reinforced in the palm for grabbing steel edges, and feature all you'll need for chilly days on the hill.


volcom stay dry mitt snowboard gloves 2014 2015 review-3

Coated nylon outer with a removable fleece lining - these Volcom Stay Dry mitts are a great option, and one of the best snowboard gloves for an all-year round buy that will have you covered in different conditions.