best cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015 cover intro

The definitions of 'cheap' are on the move when it comes to cheap snowboard boots. In days gone by you might have been looking a little closer to the £100 mark to keep your toes in check. But nowadays - the price of that vital podiatric comfort is going through the roof, with top of the line boots now reaching highs over £400!

So, with that in mind, we're looking at the latest cheap snowboard boots under £180 - certainly not a fickle expenditure for most, but still well worth the investment if it means getting out of rentals, and actually finding a fit that's right for you. The same rules apply here as in our best snowboard boots post - Fit, Flex and Features are the key factors you want to look at - and as always it's essential to at least put a few pairs on your feet to find your perfect match!

Take a look using the left and right arrow keys, and drop any of your personal suggestions in the comments section below:

adidas zx 500 cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

Mid-soft flexing boots with a dual-zone speed lacing system - these entry level/intermediate boots from adidas feature an odour neutralising footbed, and offer plenty of tweakability for freestyle fans.


burton mint cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

The Burton Mint is an entry level women's cheap snowboard boot that'll make things easy for you while you're getting started. Soft flex, dual-zone speed lacing, and now with 'Sleeping Bag' tech for warmth - at an affordable price it's easy to see why this has been the best selling women's boot in the world for 11 years running.


burton moto cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

The Burton Moto is the male equivalent of the Mint - and it's been equally popular, now with 13 years under its belt as the worlds best selling male boot. Lightweight and easy to break in - comfort, affordability and hassle-free riding are the keys to success here.


dc phase cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

The cheapest of our cheap snowboard boots by quite a way - DC's Phase boots are simplicity at it's finest. Classic skate-inspired design, and a lace-up system for the traditionalists - they hit bang on centre for flex and are fur lined for warmth - no-nonsense boots at a great price.


Nike Vapen Women snowboard boots 2014 2015 review-3

A crossover from our best snowboard boots article - Nike Vapen still hit the right notes when it comes to price point and comfort. Available in both women's and men's variations - they're classic lace-ups with a mid-flex, great for fun times on snow.

northwave legend cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

On the higher end of the flex scale - the Northwave Legend SL are all mountain boots with plenty of shock absorption. If you're looking to go bigger and faster, without forking out the big bucks - these should be on your list.


thirtytwo maven cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

Boots don't come much more skate-inspired than this - the Thirty Two Maven in Joe Sexton's signature colourway looks like a classic! Medium flex with a low-cut collar - there's more room to manoeuvre and tweak in these team-fit boots.


thirty two stw boa women's cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

'Spin To Win' is the motto on the STW Boa women's boots from Thirty Two - but that doesn't mean you have to move like a whirlwind. In fact it's a reference to the Boa lacing system which makes them super quick to get on and off. Coming in at a medium flex, this boot is all about comfort!


salomon faction cheap snowboard boots 2014 2015

Also available in a Boa option (£170) - the Salomon Faction is a speed laced lightweight boot with self-molding tech for comfort. With a low-profile freestyle feel - it's mid-soft flex, and these cheap snowboard boots are going to feel great from the first day on the hill.