backcountry boots

Our backcountry expert Andy Malton from thegemsstock is back with another article, this time running through the essentials and more when it comes to backcountry equipment. Today he's taking a quick look at backcountry specific boots that pack the extra tech you need.


Normal snowboard boots will work just fine for most backcountry snowboarding. If you find yourself getting into increasingly gnarly terrain though and need extra support and stiffness, or the ability to strap a crampon to your boots, it might be worth checking out these models.

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deeluxe spark xv 2015 snowboard boots

The Spark XV was designed from the ground up with input from Xavier de le Rue. He wears these for all of his backcountry riding so it’s safe to assume they’ll do the job ok! The Vibram sole will take a crampon and provides way more grip and support over a normal snowboard boot – just what you need in serious terrain. They also come with a waterproof lining to keep feet dry and warm.

deeluxe spark summit 2015 snowboard boots

Kind of like a pimped up version of the Spark XV, the Spark Summits feature the addition of a BOA lacing system to really lock down the foot and provide great support and comfort. The Summit also has liner made up of a Sympatex waterproof membrane for protection combined with leather for comfort and breathability on sweaty hikes.

fitwell backcountry 2015 snowboard boots

These are full on mountaineering boots that you can ride in. Much like the Deeluxe Spark, you can fit a crampon to them for tricky terrain yet they ride like a normal snowboarding boot when strapped in. The ankle strap should give extra good heel hold too for those steeper lines.