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Our backcountry expert Andy Malton from thegemsstock is back with another article, this time running through the essentials and more when it comes to backcountry equipment. Next up are his recommendations for bindings - with a deeper look at two top splitboard binding brands specifically, Spark R+D and Karakoram.


Most riders go for a stiffer, more supportive binding for riding in the backcountry, although in reality it all comes down to what you prefer. Splitboard bindings are a little more complicated – most regular snowboard bindings will fit on most splitboards, though if the splitboard has Karakoram specific hardware then it’s essential that a Karakoram binding is used.

Splitboard Specific Bindings

Two brands dominate the splitboard binding market, Spark R+D and Karakoram. Both offer innovative solutions that give the user super easy transitions and changeovers.

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Spark R+D

Spark have a variety of bindings across two different systems – their traditional pin bindings and the new Tesla bindings. Both systems are compatible with traditional Voile splitboard hardware so will fit on any splitboard. The Tesla system in particular is a big step forward in splitboard binding design.