So by now you should have read our piece on the best ways to make the most of your GoPro, but seeing as on it's own the handy cam is pretty basic, here's a list of the best and most essential GoPro accessories that money can buy.

Whilst you certainly won't need all the accessories on this list for your basic holiday edits, we've included a selection of GoPro gadgets that will interest both amateur and professional film makers. GoPros are great on their own, but a whole world of possibilities opens up when you kit them out with the right accessories.

The Pole


The GoPro pole is an obvious one to anyone who has struggled to follow their mate down the piste, shaking their footage right into the desktop recycling bin. Not only does mounting your GoPro on the end of a stick stabilise it somewhat, but it allows you get right up close and personal with the action. As you already know, when it come to wide angled cameras, the closer the better.

Whilst we at WL rock the 'SP Remote Pole' because the mount for the remote allows you to trigger record more easily, we'd also recommend GoPro's own 'three-way selfie mount' as it allows you to mount the GoPRo in a variety of ways, not least the configuration that lets you shoot back at yourself without the pole itself being included in the footage.

SP Remote Pole (39 Inches): £49.99

GoPro 3-Way Pole: £69.99


Tripod Adaptor


Whilst it may seem a bit of a boring GoPro accessory to splash out on, almost none are as handy as this in the long run. GoPros come with a variety of mounts only usable with their own click in system - using this allows you to attach your camera to almost any pre-existing tripod or grip, meaning you also won't have to splash out on premium GoPro only accessories in the future.

Price: £9.99

Anti Fog Inserts

Don't let this be your footage!

Anti fog inserts are another seemingly boring investment, but as snowboarding is an inherently wet sport there will be moisture, and where there's moisture when it comes to camera gear, there will be fog. Nothing is more annoying than filming what you now are some rad pow shots before getting home a viewing some cloudy, fogged up rubbish where you can only see the peripheral of the action.

Ignore this once, but after it's happened to you you'll be purchasing a cheap set of these immediately to ensure it never happens again! All they are are little absorbent patches that slip into the GoPro housing and soak up all that pesky moisture.

Price: ~£5

Extra Batteries


Power to the people! The most annoying thing that can happen is getting to the top of a chair on a blue bird day, ready to film that 'I'm on holiday aren't you jealous' Facebook brag video, only to find you forgot to charge the damn GoPro the night before. Any pro filmer will tell you that their number one tip is to always pack extra batteries. Compared to the price of the GoPro itself, extra batteries are as cheap as chips.


Another option for long missions where there might not be a convenient power point is to get your hands on a rechargeable pack like this SP Powerbar - not only can you charge up to two GoPro batteries simultaneously from the mains, but it can store enough power to charge one battery out in the field. Handy for those long split board missions!

GoPro Batteries: £19.99 each

SP Powerbar: £53.61

Extra Memory


Actually, equally frustrating to running out of battery is running out of memory, especially with the standard GoPro display where you can't tell if you're about to delete footage you haven't backed up yet or not.

There's two option here: either bump up your one memory card to the biggest you can afford and make sure you always save it to your computer at the end of each day, or carry a spare. If you do, make sure you have it in one of these bomb proof card cases for safety - our editor will testify to that after his camera bag got run over by a snow cat last season!


Extra memory: £ Variable

Delkin SD Card Case: £5

Lens Protector


Talking of protecting your gear, with the rough and ready appeal of the GoPro it's important to note that they're not actually indestructible. And when a new case costs upwards of £60 quid it's a good idea to keep the outer lens as safe as possible by covering it up with a lens protector when it's not in use.

One good idea is having a soft bag to put it in when it's in your pocket or pack, a better is to invest in a proper lens protector pack. GoPro will sell you the one above that covers the lens in and out of the case, handy if you like using it both ways.

Price: £19.99

Your Phone


You do have the option to shell out more money for a LCD screen and a WIFI remote, but if you have a smart phone with either the Apple or Android app stores then the good news is that you can have the functionality of both of these tools for free (though your GoPro model must be WIFI enabled, older models that aren't can be made compatible by buying a WIFI adapter - £99.99).

The GoPro App has proven popular enough that other brands are making compatible competitors such as Prizmia - a forthcoming iPhone release that allows you to also edit footage on your phone as well as add filters and FX in real time before uploading to Facebook or Instagram. You don't even need a PC anymore!

Price: FREE!

The Suction Cup


Whilst having a host of sticky mounts that come with the GoPro is great, the problem is that they are all single use. Luckily, snowboards are wide enough to accommodate a GoPro suction cup, so you and your mates can swap who gets to rock the board cam each run.

It also allows you to attach it to the outside of cars, windows and anything with a flat surface to help you get those sick timelapse images!

Price: £39.99

Filter Kits


One for the camera nerds now - one issue professional filmers have with GoPros is their inability to adjust the frame rate, footage can look harsh and jerky when compared to DSLR/camcorder shots filmed at a rolling shutter speed.

One option is to kit your GoPro lens out with an ND filter, this reduces the amount of light that gets to the lens meaning the processor can open up the shutter speed, handy in the bright alpine conditions we all ride in. This one from Fotodiox also come with a polarizer and UV filter so depending on your needs and the conditions you can also cut down on the snow glare.

Price: $39.99

Personal Drone


Who knows exactly what the future will bring, but we do know that next season will be the first where automatic heli-drones are available on the market, like the prototype Airdog pictured above. We've seen a lot of online hype for these over the last few months but have yet to see one in the flesh, but we can't wait to test them out next season!