Much like the Burton Annex, this isn’t fully geared towards on-mountain use. If you plan on ticking off gnarly faces in the backcountry, move along.

However, if you want something that’s won’t look out of place on the airplane, in the office or in the classroom, the Burton Bravo backpack might be the one.

"For general riding use, it fits the bill, and works well off the hill too"

Pocket-wise, you’re more than covered. There are padded sleeves for both a tablet and a laptop, as well as a fleece-lined accessory pocket for any other fragile valuables. There’s also a few other small pockets here and there, as well as the ‘daisy chain’ hanger loops that run down the middle.

There’s a removable belt, so if you do want to lug a bit more stuff up the mountain, you can enjoy the extra support that provides. Then if you fancy a hike and don’t want to get overcooked, your jacket can be stashed and held by the Burton Bravo’s lower straps.

The outer material is tough and durable, although probably not ideal for a whole day of sitting in the slush while you lap the park. For general riding use, though, it fits the bill, and works well off the hill too.